International Drivers License need for Laos?

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  1. A friend is suddenly joining me on bike trip in Laos...renting there, so no border crossing issues (thanks others for that info)...But doeshe need a International Drivers License, even if just for shakedowns in more remote areas?

    thanks in advance
  2. From the ThornTree Forum: You need an international license to legally rent - I'm sure a bit of money can get you around this, but you are opening yourself up to larger problems if there is some sort of a problem. Police will not take kindly to your abrogation of the laws (again, this is something you can throw money at to make go away) and the health insurance may refuse to cover costs in case you have an accident without the appropriate driving license.

    Some ASEAN countries recognize each other's licenses. If you don't therefore have a Thai, Singaporean, Malaysian or Laotian drivers license you should have an International Drivers License. Laos though may insist that you have an International Driving License - they stopped me with a Thai driving license and insisted that I need an International Licence. In the end, when I refused to pay, they waved me of.
  3. I’ve been stopped three times altogether in Laos. Always those roadside deals where they pull over everyone and check papers and bike. I’ve always shown my US drivers license with photo, passport, and papers for the bike. As with all police I am always courteous and respectful and have never had any problem whatsoever. Lots of smiles all around and I’m on my way.
  4. Good tip Somsai. You sound like a man of experiece & it would be great if you had some road & trip reports to share.

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