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  1. Doe it have to be for a motorcycle...? i do not currently have a US motorcycle license...will a regular Int'l driver's license work?

    2 issues come to mind with just a auto int'l drivers license.

    !) work with police checks?

    2) Double check medical/accident insurance to make sure it covers obviously.

    I have much experience, but i have not gotten a motrocyle license renewed here in U.S. (no cycle for several years) and i am only riding in the north mountains and/or possibly Laos for 5-7 days.

    I reviewed other entries...but the specific question about International MotorCycle permit was not answered.

    thank you!
  2. no not generally asked for mr. kayak, i too use a international car drivers permit, it has only ever been checked once in 10 months of riding and even then they didnt notice it was only for a car. especially in the north and in laos it wont be a problem not sure about how that works out with medical/accident insurance as i havent bothered getting any.
  3. Hey, make sure you get the AAA motorclub form for US$15, not some online int'l driver's license, as many of them are reported to be scams.
  4. Never been asked for my driving license outside of Bangkok. However in Bkk police have asked quite a few times. "Driving License" was the first thing they asked every time. Then an International driving license seemed to satisfy them, enough to let me go without any problem. And of course if they catch you for a minor offence (one way, wrong lane, etc)the driving license is the first thing they want to see.
    Interested to hear about others experiences...
  5. The AA international driving license I use when in Thailand specifies that it is to be used in conjunction with my UK driving license which is fine when I'm driving a car but hasn't been ok for when I'm riding a bike because I never had a full motorcycle license up until yesterday when I finally got round to taking my test. I've been stopped and just shown the international license on its own and not had too much bother apart from having to hand over a few baht for the minor law breakage that caused them to stop me.

    As for medical/accident insurance, the UK brokers I've contacted who cover for motorcycle riding in their travel insurance policies (quite a lot dont) have all said your only covered for motorcycle riding if you have a full license to ride such a bike in the UK.
  6. The CAA international license seems to work. The police checked it in Trat last year at a roadblock. Didn`t ask for any other license. It was stamped for motorbike and car.
    I`m glad to hear it`s OK in other parts of Thailand too.
  7. Pee, don't come to Phuket without your license, at least once a week the cops set up a road block at the circle, 800m from my home, and make a fortune from license/helmet checks. Even with a helmet on, they still check license, and even hide down side roads to catch the locals trying to take a short cut to miss road block.

    AND if you are thinking about getting one of the long term international licenses advertised over here I wouldn't bother, article below was in our weekly paper the Phuket Gazette

    International driving licenses

    Recently, I have seen advertisements from a company called “International Automobile Association Inc” offering international driving licenses valid for six to 10 years.

    Are these driving licenses legal in Thailand? Will they be recognized by the police here?
    Tuesday, May 3, 2005

    “These licenses are illegal. They are not valid in Thailand, and so will not be accepted by the police.

    It is possible that there are “International Automobile Association Incs” in other countries, but a license from them would not apply in Thailand.

    The only international driving licenses that are valid in Thailand are those of a type approved by the Transportation Office.”
    Tuesday, May 3, 2005 Teerayuth Prasertphol, Chief Technical Officer, Phuket Provincial Transportation Office (PPTO).
  8. MKK,

    You really need to check with your travel insurance...

    I use QBE, the cheapest policy for me, 34 YO, for 30 days cover is $Au232 (THB 6,124) for 13M Baht medical and evac cover.

    The in the pre-amble policy states that it excludes "motorcycling without a proper licence", with wording later in the conditions;
    This is for full travel insurance, which is probably overkill when you are traveling alone, and without intention to claim for every little thing that upsets you plans. It does include Rental Vehicle insurance excess of up to $Au3000 (THB79K) which may be helpful if you could claim it against a CM rental shop.

    The NRMA Travel insurance Product Disclosure Statement states that;
    Obviously there are Australian Insurance companies, but you can be the US ones have similar caveats...

    I recently asked Tony at E Insurance the same question and his response was along the lines of, you may be OK, because they may not check your licence, but it would be better to get one...

    I wouldn't worry too much about the local cops, they only ask for small change if your paperwork isn't in order, but if you need to claim on your insurance for medical bills it can be VERY expensive...

  9. Daewoo talking about local cops, just this arvo got done 500 baht, rego expired 4 weeks ago, proper fine and had to go to cop shop to pay .....

    I now have 6 vehicles registered and insured to missed this one.....

    and the guys in CNX get away with riding bikes unregistered...... AMAZING THAILAND
  10. The Asian international driver's permit looks like a 20 dollar bill.

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