International Trade in Stolen Motorcycles

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Rasseru, Nov 30, 2006.

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    good article rass....very enteresting,,,i think if i lost my scoot over here.,,it would b pretty hard to trace it......where would u begin to look...just a coment about ..pursue your motorbike..
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    very interesting topic, I buy bikes from auction in Japan but the police and customs check them thoroughly before export to Thailand.,Japanese police ocaisionaly visit Thailand to check bike's.
    a lot of rental big bikes here are stolen ones from Japan, thats why they often never get registered.


  5. Rhodie

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    I am sure many of us living here suspected as much - if we did
    not actually know it for a fact.
    What is extraordinary is that the Japanese Times article fails to mention any action by Japanese insurance companies.

    Those bikers having come from Blighty in the past ten years will know
    the extortianate premiums being paid - mainly due to theft.
    The main copper conscerned at Scotland Yard was Dr. Ken German. However he became so disillusioned by lack of interest and resources that he went to work for the institute of insurers. He has had some notable results - tho the premiums still remain high.

    One would have thought that Japanese police & insurance companies would regularly check Thailand out.
    However, as there is a major scam of stolen Japanese prestige cars & 4x4s going thru the UAE -as exposed by BBC's TopGear prog- maybe Japanese motorists are too quiescent when it comes to theft and their premiums.
    Mind you, I don't expect much our local PD here either.
    As for insurance I have mercifully yet to make a claim.
  6. Rasseru

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    Allow your astonishment at the article's silence on that subject to fade away. Japanese insurance companies have no interest in the subject. With a few minor exceptions, theft insurance for motorcycles is not available in Japan.

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