Internet Laos?

Discussion in 'Laos - General Discussion Forum' started by ntb, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. ntb

    ntb Ol'Timer

    Am wondering if there is internet in small towns around all of Laos. Would be great to pull up GTR to get advice if I need it while I am biking there.Will enter north Laos March15 or 16. Any one thinking of biking there around the same time? Thanks
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  3. Moto-Rex

    Moto-Rex Moderator

    Apart from the very small towns, you will have no problems finding internet cafes, there springing up every were.

    Have a good trip.

  4. ntb

    ntb Ol'Timer

    Great,thanks for the response.I will post my adventures when my trip is done. Thanks

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