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  1. I use at the moment, they say all international shipping is $US25, which is good value where most other stores seem to charge 1/3 or more of the purchase for International Shipping. Not 100% sure that they ship to Thailand, but website allows you to choose Thailand as a shipping address.

    I have dealt with but not bought through them, because they simply can't match the shipping costs of riders discount, but their prices are the same. much larger range than above, so might be worthwhile for smaller items with lower shipping costs or specific items that riders discount don't have... Not 100% sure that they ship to Thailand, but website allows you to choose Thailand as a shipping address. have more limited range, but some stuff at great prices... Not 100% sure that they ship to Thailand, but website allows you to choose Thailand as a shipping address.

    For Dainese gear I have been recommended better prices than the US. Not 100% sure that they ship to Thailand, but website allows you to choose Thailand as a shipping address.

  2. I think i can have better prices for Dainese gear as my friend has a shop in Holland selling motorbikegear, helmets, and is a Dainese dealer.
    Shipping into Thailand is no problem.
    If you like always welcome to send me a PM, please specify what product from Dainese has your option, i will get back with prices.
  3. I have Ordered assorted Stuff through these Sites: , they are Spot on. Delivery has been within a week of Order and Delivered to the X-Centre with No Duty Paid!!!. Stuff included Cortex Jeans, Electrical Connections, Plugs & GPS Stuff etc. , These Guys have some Great Stuff but always seemed to be something wrong with Ordering but i did always Get what i wanted in the End including Frame Sliders etc. , Triumph and KTM Specialists. Got My Exhaust System amongst other things from them, Unbelievable Service, Very Helpful People. :D
  4. This outfit in the US has a good rep amongst TriumphRat members
    their prices seem more than reasonable and they ship worldwide

    In spite of their name I have bought Sidi boots from these guys.
    Again good service @ reasonable prices.

    Unfortunately Customs had to have their slice of the pie 30+%
  5. Thai customs on mail order can be a deal killer , official tax is 35% on spares but sometimes they add extras ...i usually carry stuff in .
  6. I have recently used
    I placed an order for a waterproof pant on 20.05.2008.
    I got the item at my Bangkok address on 31.05.2008

    Item price:$99,95
    Tax &Duty;$34,98
    One can follow the process with Bike Bandit and Fedex sites

    It might sound a bit expensive. However the very same garment was for sale at the good Dirt Shop Thailand for the roughly the same amount.
    Anyway it's not easy to find a pair of waterproof pants that doesn't end up leaking somehow... If anyone has a recommendation please let us know.
  7. ''Pee'' you must be a lucky person getting stuff from FEDEX Bangkok ..jeez so much stuff goes missing there and bogus extra costs get added, the shipping cost of $71 seems excessive .

    Ask FEDEX headoffice in Atlanta what they think of FEDEX Thailand and the answer will shock you ....we were told dont use them use DHL get satisfaction we sued FEDEX USA who paid up $22,374 for losses and bogus surcharges that happened in FEDEX Bangkok.
  8. Monsterman,
    Thank you for suing "FEDEX USA who paid up $22,374 for losses and bogus surcharges that happened in FEDEX Bangkok".
    Since then they may have fixed a few issues...:wink:
    I agree with you: $70 + is expensive... However a good rain pant at the right time is a very valuable item.
    Thanks for the advice: I will rather choose DHL the next time, if possible.
  9. It was Wranglers HD that sued them ,when i was involved in the shop back in 2005/6 I still do not trust Fedex BKK as the same staff are still there.
  10. I've used Ebay stores for a few small items with no probs. They always mark the stuff as gift and declare lower value so no duty. Currently waiting for a $400 steering damper so hopefully no probs. Good thing about ebay is once you set up a paypal acc you can change your shipping address as a lot of online stores need your billing address to be the same as your shipping address (at least for 1st tranaction)

    Have used, very good website but would be slow to do so again. Kept me waiting close to 7 weeks for an item on backorder. I told them initially i would wait 2 but they kept saying next week etc. as well as refusing to change the shipping address so they shipped it to Europe. Postage is also pretty expensive unless you buy more than one item although they do mark the package as "returned goods" so no customs duty.
  11. Have used They seem to use a flat international shipping rate of US$28.80 which ain't bad compared with UK shipping rates. The last thing I bought from them a Puig windscreen at US$79.90, the UK price is about £60 and TP Motorcycles in Bangkok wanted 6*00B plus about 500B EMS. They can be contacted direct at
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  12. I just bought some 7/8" bar risers ($20/set) from :

    They ship USPS-EMS or USPS Priority International which is cheap.
    USPS wont do EMS to Cambodia anymore so I used Priority.
    EMS has a tracking number but Priority only has a confirmation number.
    Cost me $42 shipping + $5 handling for a 3kg parcel USA to Cambodia, ~10 days once it got down to Sihanoukville

    They are finicky about credit card fraud and I had to fax them copies of my card and the top section of a recent statement to set up my account

    Very responsive customer service, competitive prices, will be using them again.

    I believe they also ship fedex etc if you want to pay more for quicker delivery.
  13. I have just ordered spares for my Ducati from USA and Singapore lot by EMS and the other DHL ...hope they arrive OK

    Ducati Thailand have no damn hitachi regulators in stock and have been waiting for ducati italy to send for 3 months apparently they have 8 customers bikes waiting for the same standard part.!!!!!!
  14. OK update I ordered some parts from USA on the 11th and They arrived today 17th at the post office no Customs duty payable on $230 worth of parts is abonus so I am a happy bunny ..the bike is running again .

    I have another parcel coming fro UK also sent on the 11th but no show yet.

  15. OK the other spares package arrrived today by Crossair from UK also no Customs duty .

    A good experience all in all.

  16. The Thais I know who also order parts online always say never use a shipping company to import(Fedex,DHL,UPS etc) Only use the Postal Service - USPS,Royal Mail etc.
    Sometimes they will apply duty & tax but mostly not.
    I'm well in front on this.
  17. As for me, I have ordered numerous items from and one from

    In both cases the ordering process on the web was fairly easy. Whitehorse Gear's merchandise arrived within a week or two, no problems at all. In the case of Cruisercustomizing, things usually worked well, but when I decided to order a Vance & Hines custom pipe, they had a little trouble doing it on time. Seems the item was temporarily out of stock...
    Nevertheless, I recommend Cruisercustomizing for their extensive range of quality products and their competitive prices. They usually add 20% to the order value for international shipping.
  18. definitely never use FEDEX in Thailand .

    Ran Across this in my GPS search.

    More the $500.00 difference in in the purchase price of the Zuma 550 Blue toothe compatable, 7K baht to add the Thai map. So still a bargain. Didn't notice if they would ship out of the the states at all. But a 35% import duty would kill this one for sure.
  20. Got some eletronic's to bike today ordered from ebay came from Hong Kong and no any import taxes.
  21. Got this today again (2nd mails from them)

    Dear Marco:
    Thank you for your email.

    We do ship internationally, yes. Orders to Thailand will need to be pre-approved by placing the order over the phone :eek: at 1-866-GPS-CITY. Please see our complete International Shipping policy for more information-- thank you!

    One need to call them from Thailand,,that is one complicated system :cry:
  22. Yes it is I reviewed to but seems possible.

    A bit confusing on the Debit cards you may acutally have to do a wire transfer. I sent them a list of questions. One they want the shipping address to be the same a the card used or have it added to the account. With my account in America the Thailand addres can not be listed on it.

    I finding out now if they will accept the Debit card from SCB here in Thailand.

    Post it whan I find out.

    There is always a way to get the hair off the kitty, adna lot of difference in price with the Zuma 550
  23. Ok question's I asked first:

    Now their answers, note: no menton of UPS delivery, there is a UPS in Udon but no Fedex:

    My conclusion, it is a great price, but they are not going to ship to Thailand for $25.00 if you do get stuck with a 35% import fee. I thin that will depend on luck which I have, but not good luck. I'm very careful because life has taught me if it can go wrong it will. :roll:

    The you have costs of internatioanl phone calls.

    I don't know the cost od a wire transfre from Thailand is. But for me to do it to Thailand it's $80.00 why I get my money each month via ATM for 20 baht a shot :lol:

    Then yuo looking at 7K baht to install the maps.

    So when you factor everyhting in, not sure your going to save much money if any.

    On the other hand if you have someone who is travelling here and is willing to use his credit card have it shipped to his home, then you pay him. Take it out of the package and stick in his luggage and bring it to yuo. Might just be doable

    By the way this is anothre great example of the free trade agreemetn betwen Thailnad and the States.

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