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  1. Yesterday Thailand joined the new Asia/pacific cable network and the speed of the internet and bandwidth jumped amazingly , my 3MB TOT connection actualy had international bandwith speeds 0f 2.77MB to USA and UK yesterday ......hooray.....

    errr...... but being Thailand we are back to Tortoise speeds of 970KB on international routes but to Bangkok servers I am getting 2.88MB ....I knew it was too good to be true.

    MONSTERMAN !!!!!
  2. I dont know whats going on with the internet but mine is slower than slow. Can barely open anything at the moment. Is the problem at my end ( Chiang Mai ) or are others also having the same problems ?
  3. No problems here in Bosang (Chiangmai) - reasonable fast for this time of the day
  4. Had a day or two of funny connections.. But Maxnet premier nice and solid now.. 3Mbit day or night to west coast USA.

    Have to mention tho.. GT-R is REALLY struggling.. Slow page loads, sometimes pages hang before fully rendered. Not having problems with other sites of forums.
  5. No Problem Ubon area, my 5Meg lineok and no problem with GTR either all load ok
  6. Rest assured the monthly bill will arrive with lightening speed :roll:

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