Into Lao thru Nan by Huay Kon...

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  1. Hi, i m a newbies in town from singapore as i rode my yamaha XT250, as my Thai friend told me there is a way to go into Lao by Nan thru Huay Kon border as izzt abit shorter by this way I guess, as my another rider friend from singapore told me not all foreign bike r allow to cross thru all the the border, hope to hear some reply as i m planning to leave on monday, thanks... Or maybe we can meet for a chat 0881225058, thanks...
  2. That's a sleepy little crossing and they don't seem to get many foreigners there, but depending on where you're headed there's no reason you can't cross there.


    If I were to go that way again I'd get a visa in advance, as the visa desk on the Lao side isn't really staffed at this border crossing. Rather, on the rare occasion a foreigner shows up here they call the immigration official and eventually he shows up and takes care of you.

    The Thai side was a lot faster than the Lao side-


    Happy Trails!


    Ps- one of the little shacks you see on the right in this picture sells insurance-
  3. Ok, thanks u, TonyBKK, as I dun need to get the visa as in Asian regulations we r allows to cross without visa, as I m planing to head to Luang Prabang n down south to Vientiane out by Nong Khai, thanks for ur reply, cheer... 👍👍👍

  4. Ah, you hold an ASEAN passport- lucky you, that saves you some hassles at the borders :)

    Have a great trip and don't forget to share some pictures with us!

    A few of us will be headed to Luang Prabang next weekend on road bikes, via Vientiane and Van Vieng.

    Maybe we'll cross paths!

    Happy Trails!

    Tony :happy1:
  5. Ok, thanks for the reply, if u guy saw a blue Yamaha XT250 with a yellow helmet n that is me...  Everyone ride safe... Live hard, ride hard... Cheers...

    Another thing to ask, as I just read the map, if I go in by Huay Kon so I take the right toward XAYABOURY, n izzt passable for my motard to go thru the dirt rd to LUANG PRABANG???


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