Into The Future, Near Hopefully.


Sep 17, 2017
I have tried to email Lan and Ammy at CP Big bike and my driver in Cnx a few months ago, no reply. I can only think the worst. Does anyone know how things are fairing in town?
As the corona haze clears I would like to put months of planing onto bike seats.
On another note, the last couple of times we have been in Mae Salong, we went up to the Wat above town, magnificent views looking east over Mae Salong and beyond.
But what got me, was the great, engine off, in angel gear, coast down hill for miles. Climb up out of the Wat for a relatively short distance. And it’s a roller coaster ride. Attempted it 2 or 3 times, not got to town yet. Maybe 60m short on the last rise. That double story place on the left. Ladies waved, wondering what was going on when they saw the wife and I coast to a stop. Oh well.
Great road
Old idiot, that me, Wazza


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Lan & Ammy are doing ok, perhaps better than some shops.
They have had bookings from some expats inside Thailand & were recently on the road checking out provinces to confirm which ones were open, which now all of them.

Yeah that road to the wat on the hill is a beauty. Amazing views & a couple of nice step bits, especially the end / bit right at the wat.
Ive had a couple of amusing times there with girls in the cars trying to drive out. 55