Introducing Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa

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    Introducing New Fast Road/Trackday tyre by Pirelli

    Designed and built around the latest generation of powerful stree motorcycles, the new DIABLO Rosso CORSA offers performance unimaginable only a few years ago.


    For more info pls see
    089 003 8886
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  3. David Learmonth

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    I'm sure they are all marvellous - try putting something in English & then maybe I/others will be more interested.
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    Not everyone is 100% fluent in English but some people try to help (yes, commerce is involved). Sometimes it may help to look at things from the positive side. This message came from Dotcom in the "Tyres and where to get them" in the Technical Forum. Maybe mods can move this to the right place including the post on Airfilters
    My friend Pat is a dealer for Pirelli. He & his wife are fluent in English. He is very good for big bike spares. ... index.html ... &Itemid=38

    02-742-5733 02-7421494

    Pat 089-003-8887 Pat's wife. Charlie 0890038886

    or look here:

    We, ShowPow (Pirelli) have moved to a bigger store.

    1688/4 Onnut Rd (near soi 46/2)
    Suanlung Bkk 10250
    tel: 02 721 3927-8
    mb: 089 003 8886
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    Thankyou :thumbup:

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