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  1. Hi,

    This is my first post here. Am I welcomed here.

    I am great fan of bikes.
  2. EVERYONE is welcome here :D . There are a number of "regulars" who post, but don't let them scare you away. Tell us something about yourself as your profile is pretty blank.

    Usually all that is asked is that if you ride and can contribute reports or useful information please do so. We only give those people a hard time who take from the board but give nothing in return.

    Welcome aboard!
  3. Hi,

    I am very much interested in buying a second hand bike in Thailand, I have little knowledge about internet. Can someone tell me in which thailand websit e can i find information about second hand bikes.
  4. Welcome on board...........

    second hand bikes on internet are in PANTIPMARKET and also at
    Both from Thailand.
    Good luck.

    Eddy, SuratTani
  5. Maixiong
    Anyone is welcome to join & participate on the GT Rider board. All you need do is ride a motorbike & contribute some road & tip reports, & you're a "member."
    But I wonder if you're not just trolling for the website
    (listed on your profile) when you ask

  6. Hi,

    The website is my creation thats why i use that as my signature. I have profile page there too.if you have any objection, then I can remove that.But I don't understand what harm is that making to you?
  7. No harm, just wondering.

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