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    Hi there,
    we (dave & myself) did the nakhonsawan-maesot-umphang-maesot-nakhonsawan trip on 21 October 2009. It was a great ride and it was a very enjoyable ride too.Total km covered was 1011 km by myself as i had an added kms to my place plus another 16km drive to bring a friend to downtown .
    Dave had a bit less km's but he has the last stretch in rather difficult road conditions to his home to battle with.
    The plannings calculation over km's was also slightly off and so was our time schedule.

    Dave (with the Kawa Ninja 250 R)and myself (with the Tiger Boxer 250Rs) left early morning on 21 October @ 5.45 am and we gathered later on a suitable spot . From that onwards it was up to Khamphaeng Phet, Tak and turnoff to Maesot which has nice twisty road (great if there is not a lot of traffic- and there was not a lot of traffic when we drove) after Maesot we than got ourselfs ready to go into umphang....although i thought it will be curved and hilly this road really was amazing. about 160 km of "hard-working" driving pleasure.

    We arrived in Umphang for lunch at about 1 pm and left again at 2 pm...about 1 hour late than originally planned . The way back was first greeted with a bit of rain but it dried up and the umphang to maesot section was dry most of the time. Maesot to Tak was during sunset time we needed to hurry a bit not to end up doing the curvy roads in the dark. Back in Tak...pouring rain and thunder in the dark and accidents on some sections plus roadworks every so often, needed to go slow but eventually the rain passed and we got it dry until Kamphaeng phet..than it was slight rain again but not too bad.Got back home at 2100pm.

    The most demanding & the most fun was the section between maesot & umphang....but you have to be careful over road condition and its surface .Make sure you fill your tank in maesot ...there aren't many places to fill up until umphang.

    Maesot - tak is also a very nice ride and you have a lot more space available than the section umphang-maesot .
    Tak - Kahmphaeng Phet is actually in bad condition ...maybe not all the way but a lot of it, and specially driving in the night this really keeps you busy .

    Both our Bikes did extremely well, both are different bikes and therefor one road style/condition which may fit the one bike may not be so great for the other one...our ride had all kind of road conditions so we "got it all"
    In terms of comfort ....i am feeling pretty ok , but had a slight sore on the upper back ...not much more really...dave will need to report what pains he has...
    one pain that we both have/had ....some "happy" welcome comittee (angry wife's)
    In any case 1000 exciting km's are worth those pains...aren't they?

    Here a little video which was done en-route to Umphang...enjoy,

    some pics

    Before the trip:Just got the bike back the evening before- the windshield was too high but it served the purpose just doesn't look great.

    Meeting up - was about 75 km from my home and 45 km from dave's home

    First fill

    view point en-route to mae sot

    Pissoir at viewpoint...... :)

    at umphang

    at umphang

    happy trails,

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    Mbox how did you keep up with your 'Tigaaa' on long stretches with your friends Ninjette ?? Didn't you both have some kind of sore a.. after that I wonder, even for R1200 or FJR's this is a respectable distance for a day, but on two 250's ? :wink: :p
    The more I see pictures of the Tiger RS the more I like it.........especially for this kind of money !!! :D
    Cheers, Franz
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    Hi Franz,
    Actually i wasn't sore at all just tired fact if it wasn't the tired & darkness of night i could have gone longer.
    Funny thing is that on the hilly side i was much better scoring on the boxer.. on the hilly areas between tak-measot-umphang-maesot-tak i waited up in total about 1 hr...The ninja is a nice bike but if you're up the hills the low revs on the boxer are acing ...sure the ninjette is doing the faster on the straight road...cruising speed on the boxer about 120km/h and the ninja lets say cruising at what 140-150?Most of th ninjas hp's are delivered on high rpm's and the boxer gives it at low rpm's which gives me the advantage. I promise you the only thing starting to ache was the left hand for using the clutch on the umphang hills...
    but what a nice and challenging drive....
    Dave on the ninja had a sore ...e but he should have changed his seat before( which is stock same as mine on boxer) but from a previos trip together and from me testing his ninja the seat is not comfortable so dave deserves a big thumbs up to "soldier" through this distance.

    Franz this road between maesot-umphang i find is unsuitable for the Fjr or r1200 i am afraid to will need something lighter than that something allrounder (boxer is in this field) or offroadish ...ktm,bmw, that order :)
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    Outstanding ride guys.

    One of my favorite roads in Thailand.
    As the way down to Umphang is sooo twisty,
    that the trip back just seems to be a different extension of the journey down.
    The road between Mae Sot & Tak is a joy - but only when there is little traffic!

    Pity that Umphang has so little to offer in terms of a destination,
    though the Ti Lo Su waterfalls are unbelievably spectacular, but are another hour or so out of town
    and sometimes can only be accessed by a 4x4.

    Looking forward to reading the RR of the Umphang-Sanklaburi link-up! :shock:
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  7. Rhodie

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    A group of thai riders with 4x4 support that included Thai military appear to have done it earlier this year.
    It entailed overnighting in a thai karen village.
    Whether these tracks would be open to farangs is questionable.
    I believe some are looking into pursuing this further.... :roll:
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    Yes, there is a bit of a talk of enlisting the help of music teachers but I have been busy so I haven't heard the latest of it yet.

    Although Google maps seems to know how to do it, it is a very (if not extremely) challenging hiking trip. It is only about 100 km to or so from LeThongKhu (coming from Umphang) to Sangkhlaburi with most of it doable by 4WD in the dry season but there is a part - about 40 km or so - which hasn't been done on wheels at least as far as I know.

    By the way, the men in green do like to know what is happening in their area and may get upset if you bypass them so better keep them somehow in the loop - you may need them in case problems crop up.

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