Irrawaddy Dolphins, Laos 4000 Islands - Endangered

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    Irrawaddy Dolphins, Laos 4000 islands - Endangered

    After making our way down from Li Phi falls. Navigating the 4000 islands to the border with Cambodia.
    It was time to keep an eye out and spot the dolphins.

    We were incredibly lucky to spot a few of the only 10 believed still in the area.
    Right near our kayaks in some cases.

    The Irrawaddy dolphin is very shy and avoids human contact.
    You have to be pretty quick to capture them with the lens as Eric was in this short clip.

    The locals said people wait for days and don't get to see the dolphins.

    With the new dam going in upstream.. It is only a matter of time before they are gone.

    Dam threat to Mekong River's last few dolphins

    There is also concern the noise of the blasting and dam construction will have on the dolphins.

    Here is our visit to see these beautiful endangered dophins.

  2. A nice piece of history seeing them.
  3. Nice video Brian.
    Its certainly a nice part of the world down there in southern Laos.
  4. Reading some other articles.
    Seems there are only 5 left in this area now.. About 80 over on the Cambodia side.. But the impact of the dam is a real concern.. Plus fishing with dynamite and other human activities.

    Suggest you Park your bike and get out there and see them while still there.

    You can hire a local with motorised boat.. You don't have to kayak. Though the noise of the boat may scare them away.


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