Is 550 Km too much for one day on a D-Tracker?

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  1. I've been considering riding up to Prae from Bangkok (550 KM) in one day on a D-Tracker.

    The next day, I want to ride to Loei (another 500+KM).

    I've never riden more than 300 km in one day.

    Has anyone ever tried such a long ride on a D-Tracker or other 250cc bike? Is it over-ambitious?

    I'd prefer to break it into 2 days each way, but I only have 3 days total.


  2. Bum relief...good idea. What would you suggest? I have no idea where to take it for seat modification or how much it would cost.

    Other than the "slab" seat, I'm happy with the performance of the bike.
  3. I once rode 700km on one day on a CBR150R, the last 100km changing buttcheeks to sit on. Back I did 600km on one day. But it was more or less flat highway.
    For some 300km on a comfortable big bike is much.
    550km on a D-Tracker - doable, but do you want to do it?
  4. I've got one friend in Loei and another friend in Prae, but only 4 days holiday. Yeah, I might postpone until I have 5 or more free days off.

    By the way, what is an "airhawk"? How much is it and where can I buy it?

  5. Khon Kaen to Chiang Mai is 650km. I have travelled this on several different 250cc bikes including the D-Tracker. Journey time around 8 hours. Yes the seat is hard and one needs to shift position now and then, or stand up for a little bit. Can keep the speed up around 100/110kph, so its not really that much longer in the saddle than a bigger bike. Have a go, you may be suprised how well you do. Ian Bungy just did several thousand Km going to Laos and back on his KLX250. Some long 500km days in that trip, never complained about a sore butt.
  6. Hmmm, John must have a hard butt or a soft saddle...I have neither :smile1:

    I've ridden 6-700+km a day over a dozen times to Cambodia and to a few areas in Thailand on my Suzuki 250 Djebel. I still have the _butt callouses_ from those rides! OTOH, had I not been in a rush to get to my intended destinations, I could have spent more time discovering some of the unseen sites in the areas I flew by.

    So, up to you...
  7. Nothing to long rides as long as you can keep your attention on the "job". An early start helps as then most of the journey is done before midday, leaving time to take it easy after lunch, time to find accommodation before dark. Can vouch for the Airhawk, cheapest to buy from the USA. I think the biggest problem is recognising when you are too tired and stop for a break to refresh.
  8. Very true. I find after 2 or 3 hours on the slab seat, the discomfort makes me loose some focus. So if I modify the seat, I'll be able to enjoy long rides better.

    What is an Airhawk? I have no idea what it is.
  9. The limiting factor is not the bike but .. your legs, bum , stamina ,concentration . I have domne CM to pattaya in 10 hours but I was knackered for next 2 days and once did 1600km in a day on a hard tail chopper ....but that was 20 years ago.
  10. Google Airhawk. They make inflatable seat cushions for motorcycles which you strap to the top of your seat.
  11. I wouldn't worry as much about the kilometers as I would the amount of time it is going to take. Remember it may take a lot longer to cover a certain distance here than it does where you have excellent roads or highways. On your particular trip you should, however, be able to maintain a pretty good average. Keep track of the speed you are averaging and the distance you have yet to go. Riding at night here is not the best idea if you can avoid it. ;)
  12. Hi Garet,

    It should be fairly easy to do 550km on a 250cc bike. Having done daytrips on my Tiger Boxer 250RS which were 1011km , 750km in distance and a variety of shorter trips of appr 500km's i really can say i was fine doing it ...sure the seat and how comfortable you are on the bike plays a significant role .. it is possible on a 250cc ( actually the Boxer 250RS has 233cc) if you feel comfortable on that Bike ... i had a short testride on the D-tracker 250 a while back, which was nice enough, perhaps the seat was not all that nice but i am sure it can be worked on for fairly cheap in a local seatshop any case have a nice trip and let us know how you did would be great too :) .

    Happy trails,

  13. Thanks for all the good advice. I've decided to put the trip off until February when I have more time to enjoy the ride. No sense in riding all that distance just to stay one night and head back the next day. In the meantime, I'll get the Tesco air pillow to help for longer trips and perhaps I'll spring for an Airhawk next time I'm overseas.
  14. Reinhard = MBOX of the forum rode over 1,000 km with the Tiger Boxer 250 RS. Sorry, I'm too lazy to locate the video etc. I like to avoid boring rides on busy highways and would rather ride from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong son and back to Pai. And take the bike on the train if you own the D-Tracker. The mental state is changing and you will find your instincts are taking over... And as the seat looks narrow, maybe a pillow would help? Soreness of the buttocks is unpleasant, ask me how I know!
  15. Garet wrote:
    "I've never riden more than 300 km in one day"

    "Has anyone ever tried such a long ride on a D-Tracker or other 250cc bike? Is it over-ambitious?"


    I rode but I rode KLX.

    26.5.2009 I rode with my friends the Mae Hong Son loop. Chiang Mai - Mae Sae – Pai – Soppong - Mae Hong Son – Khun Yuam – Mae La Noi - Mae Sarieng - Hot - Chomthong - Chiang Mai, 597km/13h

    Before to Mae Hong Son loop (597km/13h) we rode KLX twelve days and 3310km around to Northern Thailand.

    The answer to your question, no need other than the right attitude.

    Ps. In Finland, my home country, I know a guy who drive a thousand miles 24/h (Iron Butt) for KLX. The same guy is driving a thousand miles (KLX/24/h) in winter conditions, on the road of snow, ice and the air is cold (minus the degree).
  16. mate, plug in your mp3, use a sheep skin for your bum and fill up your belly with carbs and energy drinks every fuel stop, and you can ride all day, then find a good hotel for a shower and sleep and massage (optional)... you will need it.
  17. Just back from a click over 900klms in 2 days - Chiang Mai/Chiang Rai/Phu Chi Fah/Phayao/Jaeson NP/Mae Kampong/Chiang Mai. I was on a D-Tracker (modified seat!) & my daughter on her mother's Sonic. No problems cruising about over fairly diverse road conditions.
  18. Where did you get the seat modified? I will be in Chiangmai in about 10 days. Perhaps I'll get the seat mod there.

    Also, thinking of getting it de-restricted which will help out on the long, straight bits. The max of 115 kph on a restricted D-Tracker is quite limiting on the highway.

    Narong Karn Boh
    Seat magician upholsterer.
    145/5 Chiang Mai - Lamphun Road
    Tel: 086 262 6338.
    GPS WAYPOINT: N18 46.957 E99 00.350
  20. @Garet "Thanks for all the good advice. I've decided to put the trip off until February"

    I honestly think you have done the right thing.... It will be heartbreaking to whizz through all those beautiful places with no time to enjoy. As some one here points out Phrae is a great little place. Like Lampang, plenty of the old style northern wooden houses. Beautiful temples in the wooden Burmese style (check out Wat Chom Sawan).... Also the little central market in the old town is a good place for a bit of activity and noodles. Beautiful area. In getting to Loei you can zip over to the small roads south of Na Noi and the Ban Khok (you would never have the time on a 3 day ride)..... Just made for a light bouncy bike like the D-Tracker. Loads of fantastic bends, but you need to allow yourself time because although the roads are unbelievably beautiful, the bends make them slow.

    Colin showed me the Airhawk 'wonder cushion' a while back when I ran into him in South Thailand.... Never got round to getting one although have been many moments when I wish I had.... The Tescos inflatable option might well be the holy grail as far as my bum is concerned.... Great idea.
  21. Thanks for the info on Prae.

    Now I'm in the middle of my 9 day trip. Started from Bangkok and went all the way to Mae Sot, which was almost 550 km. Since then I've taken my time. A day in Mae Sot, a day in Mae Sariang. Now I'm in Chiangmai to relax for a couple of days. I'm not sure whether to go to Nan or Prae next. Nan will put my further from Bankok and I know if I go there, I'd want to spend at least 2 days, which could result in a 700 + KM ride bike to BKK.

    I started with an inflatable pillow purchased from the Supersport in Central Mall (never found one in Tesco). It worked for about 100Km before it got several small holes. Now, I'm using a small but firm pillow to sit on, which is only a temporary solution for the slab seat, but without the comfort the pillow provided, it would've been a terribly uncomfortable ride.
  22. I am in the middle of a short spin around Kanchanaburi and Ratchaburi area.... I found the Tesco's 79 baht cushion..... And it really works although it does seem to have a slightly odd effect on my cornering.
  23. I tried the inflatable pillow but it repeatly got puncture holes. I taped up all the holes but it would get new ones.

    In the end, I bought a firm sofa pillow for 89 baht at the market and then rode 500 + km without any discomfort (which answers the original question).


    It looks a bit funny, but so what...
  24. A good solution is one that works! Love the colour co -ordination, think green!

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