Is 90,000 a fair price for a '97 Honda XR250 Baja?

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Paul1212, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. Paul1212

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    I currently have a 1993 Honda Degree dirt bike (bought it for 55,000 baht 4 years ago in northern Thailand and have put about 135,000 km on it since then). I'm interested in buying a Honda Baja dirt bike in good condition, mostly because of the big headlights. The guy who sold me the Degree has a friend who has a '97 Baja that he wants to sell for 90,000 baht. He says it only has about 13,000 km on it (it has a digital odometer, which he says can't be re-set, except to 0). The asking price seems high to me; I don't want to get ripped off. Does this price seem reasonable, and if it's too high, what should I offer? (I've already asked if he could reduce the price, and he said no, but I think if I offer a lower price and hold firm on it, there's a chance his friend will come down some.)
    Thanks for any feedback...
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  3. Pikey


    My opinion would be that if it has a plate & book then it's on the high side of OK. If it's invoice only then 60K max would be what I'd be willing to pay and depending on where you liove, riding without a plate is becoming increasingly dodgy.


  4. cdrw

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    1-I know, for a fact, that digital odos _can_ be any number, not just zero!
    2-Price a little high...older bike, seriously doubt it only has 13K-km on it.
    3-Suzuki 250XC "Djebel" also has a large headlight as bright as the Baja, plus a 17liter (vs 14liter) tank. And BTW (cheap plug), I'm selling my 2001 Djebel...with a _legal_ book and BKK plate for 85K-Bt. Bike's been totally reliable! It shows 21K-km on the odo, but I'll never know the real mileage!
  5. Paul1212

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    Thanks for the two replies so far.
    I forgot to say that this Baja has no license plates, only the invoice. According to the guy selling it, getting a license plate would add 50,000 baht to the price. I've had to problems so far riding my Degree dirt bike for the past 4 years with no license plates.
  6. Moto-Rex

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  7. Muzz

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    I agree with Pikey. 90K without a book, far to high. I'd keep looking around. Good luck.

    BTW, I sold a very nice TT250 raid withoug book for 35K!
  8. shanes

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    i have a 2003 XR250 no book you can have it for 70
  9. shanes

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    i have a 2003 XR250 no book you can have it for 70
  10. gobs

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    With no book, far too high!..

    I bought one 1995 XR 250 Baja with green book for 40 KB about 8 months ago, here in Chiang Mai.
    Ok it is not mint, but I'm happy with it and ride great...

    IMHO: beware the "after-buying-rego"... You don't know what and when you will get it!

    Good luck
  11. Paul1212

    Paul1212 Active Member

    Thanks for all the posts so far. As for the XR250, I really need a strong headlight, as I do quite a bit of nighttime driving, which is why I'm looking for a Baja. Cdrw - I'll pm you about your Djebel.
  12. Marco

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    You do night pln to live long,, i mean we been talking here A lot of driving night,, that just not be safe....

    I hope night driving dont mean from the bar to home :wink:
    lights dont help you on that on. :lol:

    what ever you do safe
  13. KZ

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    If I don't have to, I avoid riding at night. Way too dangerous. Drunks on bikes or in pick-ups, vehicles without lights, kids racing, maybe even karaoke bar owners shooting each others, stray animals aso.
    I've always thought Enduros are too expensive, guess it's the market, demand and supply. But 90K for an 11 year old XR250 with no papers?!
    I've bought a 5 year old super-clean low mileage VTR250 with a watercooled V-Twin for 60K, no papers; you can get a clean Bros 400 with papers for 60K - okay, it would be an older model, but the engines last forever. But prices for 250cc Enduros are relatively high.
  14. KZ

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