Is a trip to Laos worth while

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  1. My time in GT area will be between about 25th June and 16th july so that gives me a good three weeks in the area after a few days in Bangkok.

    I know there is heaps to see in Thailand alone but wonder whether it is worth a trip across the border (probably by bus then hire in Laos) for a four-five day excursion there. Do I do it on this trip or is it better to save it up for next one and concentrate on Thailand for now

    What are the locals thoughts on this please
  2. I guess that the deafening silence answers the question

  3. Thanks heaps for the reply.

    The question was intended as a sort of open one and I can see that a clear answer would be hard. My thoughts on the entire trip have formed and changed through advisce gained in GT forum.

    You have pretty well nailed it when you say there is enough to see over three weeks in Thailand without the corssing,but a trip to Laos would be a cool thing to do.

    A better way to have asked my question would perhaps have been, 'are there any reasons not to take a few days over the border in Laos whilst I expore the beautiful GT area.'

    If time permits and my fitness stand the test of the amount of riding I aim to do, I would like to get a few days there. I had planned to cross the border on foot and hire a bike in Laos. Thanks for the reference to Jimoi too, I would definately go through him for Bike hire and whatever else in Laos.


  4. Tony
    You can't conquer the Golden Triangle region in one hit. So one thing at a time. Just settle for North Thailand at the moment or you are going to spread yourself too thin & will only go home wanting to go back to the same places because you tried to do too much yet missed too much.
    That's why I think no suggestions from many guys.
  5. Thanks David, that sounds like good advice.

  6. Tony-

    I have to take the middle ground here. I think as Happy Feet says, it is really not difficult now to go to Laos so it can be a spur of the moment decision if you so choose.

    As David says, you will never be able to see all of Northern Thailand in the period of time that you will be here.

    I would come to Chiang Mai, meet with some of us, start your riding and see how it goes. I agree with your thoughts also, being so close to Laos it would seem a shame to not at least go for a few days.

    In other words, just come on up and wing it from there. :lol:

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