Is it ok to have a Gik? (AKA CRF250L 4 DAY OFF ROAD FEEDBACK)

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  1. Is it ok to have a gik?
    Ermmmmmmmm! Where do I start? I’m not even sure if this is the correct forum to be sharing and divulging this unfortunate predicament I’ve got myself into!! If the post needs moving or deleting please feel free!!


    It all started a couple of weeks ago! I have been with my current thai partner for almost 3 years now, we’ve been every where together yes we’ve had a few minor problems along the way but I really am happy with the way she responds to me and very very happy with the way she makes me feel, so why should I need to be unfaithful or why should I feel the need to have extra curricular pleasures?


    I feel so guilty and ungrateful, its not as if she’s done anything really wrong or even let me down, I think this is why I feel so bad!!! I know it’s all me, its my fault and my wandering eye!!!!


    But when I grasp her b*****s she effortlessly purrs away and knows what’s coming next!!
    (missing word was bar-ends by the way!!!)


    Ok, more detail
    My current partner is a 2009 klx 250, my gik is a 2012 crf250L, all round in better shape, feels tighter, not so tall, a touch slimmer maybe, very responsive, but I know they all are in the 1[sup]st[/sup] few weeks eh?


    I have been able to work it, so we are away together for a few days, mae hong son, pai, chiang dao etc yes I know really romantic places too!!, I was sort of hoping that the gik was gonna let herself down, you know, not perform, maybe not like it when I give it to her hard!! maybe even have a breakdown, you just don’t know with these thai girls do you?


    I didn’t tell you, I’ve also bought along the klx too for comparison, sure she might have an idea something’s not quite right but we are being careful and I have got a young fit german guy here too to help out with the deceit!!! And also act as a decoy!


    So how is the gik doing?
    WOW, what a wonderful experience, more responsive and Quicker to respond! Forgiving! and this ones not a pain in the ass too!!
    100% reliable and more economical!

    Now she really does seem to like it in the dirt too, now that is unusual!! I’m sure that will change after a few times it normally does!!!
    I’m not into rubber usually but standard issue are really good even in the dirt!!!! Oops, here we go again!!!


    Will the grass be greener? Will the novelty wear off? Is it normal to feel like this at my age? Should I know better?

    She really doesn’t seem to mind when I am astride her, at 110 kgs!!! It must be true then that thai girls like pumpui man after all!!! All those times in pattaya I heard it, I just thought yeh yeh yeh!!!


    So I suppose I need some advice from my friends, should I forget about my new love and simply put my heart and mind and my effort into my current ride?

    ok, I could spend abit of money on her, that always goes down well!!! Take her out even more regularly, don’t look at others when I’m with her, cause they really do see us!!! All that stuff!

    But you know and I know when your whistles been wetted!!!! She’s just not gonna feel the same again is she? they never really do, do they?, not so slim , showing her age, even a few strange noises!!! She never did that when we 1[sup]st[/sup] met!!!!

    Then there’s that whining noise, Yes I could try more lube!!!!

    Or is it just a case of having my head turned by some cheap floozy, a new on the block tart!! and will she just turn out the same as all the others, costing a fortune!, unreliable, not meeting all my needs and getting tired really early and maybe refusing to let me up that slippery dirt track!!!!!!!!
    You just don’t know where it’s all gonna lead eh!!!!! It could end it tears, it normally does!!


    What we did!
    900 kms in 4 days, 4 days of as hard as it gets double and single track, off-road mountain riding in N Thailand, no its not a moto crosser or a gas gas or a quad, it’s a fukin great dualsport, standard equipped Honda with more balls than Marina ladyboy bar on a fight night!!!!!


    Time will tell if it can stand the pace, I think it will, I hope it does too, the add on’s and mod’s will be being made faster than a thai girl can call her mum after the lottery’s been announced !!!!

    3 different riders this week, no real complaints, no problems, no shortfalls, no whinging!!! Fuk that’s a miracle for farang in Thailand (thank fuk this is not a post on thai visa!!!!!!)


    I think we’re gonna be hearing more good reports on this baby!!

    What would I modify? Not that it needs owt doing desperately!!!
    Klx style gear shifter
    metal sump/bash plate
    Higher bars, I really do miss standing up on this bike
    Proppa knobblies as most of my riding is off road, but it was more planted with standard issue than the klx with full brandnew knobblies!!
    a slightly bigger rear sprocket (I reckon this will make a big difference and be awesome)
    Rear rack for my tools and overnight bag!!!! A must for me!
    Maybe bark busters, not that I actually bust much bark, maybe just cut the levers down a bit and then watch where I’m fukin going!!!!!


    Today I rode the CRF for about 2 hrs of hard riding, single track mainly, it was really really good, cant believe how good the tyres are and we’ve had loads of rain! Power delivery is instant and smooth, 2[sup]nd[/sup] gear doesn’t have much engine breaking so that’s why I would change the rear sprocket, I prefer to engine brake going downhill in the slippy stuff!
    When I got back on the klx, it felt sort of agricultural, lazy, you know the feeling I’m sure! It does sort of feel appreciative though (yeh, just like an ugly fat girl!!!)

    One thing that stands out for me is when you make a mistake on the klx it sort of shakes it’s head and makes you feel all nervy ( bit like the ex missus in UK) but the CRF, just deals with it but also rises to the challenge and puts a fukin great smile on yer face at the same time and even makes you feel like a better rider!!!


    Seriously, I think I rode the CRF at least 25% quicker than the klx, due to the above but also it feels so light and nimble and please remember this is a standard set up, out of the showroom bike!!!!!!
    On my klx I was lagging behind the pack all twitchy and edgy, on the crf I was waiting for them to catch up, both the other guys in my opinion are excellent riders, I am an average but regular rider that doesn’t like wet, red or green stuff on the trails!


    I do also think though that I could be led astray with the CRF, riding faster etc etc

    There was some slight noise in the gearbox/final drive region, it's not getting any worse infact it’s quitened down, the gearbox doesn’t feel as good as on the klx , in my opinion that is the only area the klx has the edge, but watch this space!!!!!

    So there you have it, I have spoken to the other guys, who rode the CRF more than me (as I’d already ridden it for a day last week) both were very very impressed.

    I think it will beat the d tracker all round too, as is!!!!!

    One word of advice though, is be careful as I think all your mates (even your true mates) will want to ride her!!! They might not admit it or come clean with their intentions but when your back’s turned!! They’ll be sneeking a look and a touch!!!!!


    stay safe

    this life is not a rehearsal!!!
  2. Your sense of humor is appreciated and much needed here.
    In answer to your headline question: if you have the money, then you can have whatever you want over here. Smiles all round. Variety is the spice of life. Is everybody happy below the surface, not usually. Once you have started lavishing your resources on more than one, it's hard to stop. Learn from an addict, I have just calculated that I have been the owner of 16 fine models, since coming to Thailand, about 50/50, virginal to slightly or in one case, very well used. At one time, I was with 5 at one time, now that was real hard work and costly. Strangely the virginal ones need much less attention, and are very compliant, but the well used ones, may break down in unexpected ways with no notice at all. There has always been one that has been considered Number 1, but after spending a lot of time with that one it is always refreshing to get astride another willing model.
    It is hard for me to settle on one perfect partner, which is why just today, I have to say goodbye to my companion of nearly 2 years. The good news is that with the help of this web site, I have always found someone to take them off my hands, they even pay for the privilege.
    I am looking out for a new number one partner as we speak, but I am quite choosy and I am waiting to meet one that is on a ship travelling to Thailand. She has never been here before and I hope will fit with local conditions, but some who have known her in other countries give a good recommendation. In the meantime I will be spending time with an experienced slim ride, who I have only known for a month. Quite small and low capacity, but still does the business and being local, is very cheap to look after.
    After more than 5 years over here, I know myself a little better and am resigned to the fact that I will probably change my main ride every 2 years and probably keep at least one 'gig' on the side.
    (As for living partners, only one for me and hopefully lifetime)
  3. Really Funny Post. A most Unusual Ride Report!!! Alan, I am Surprised You say the Gearbox was not up to the KLX? I thought that was one of the Best points on the CRF. The Only complaint after 1000kms on My Honda would be the Brakes? I feel the KLX has Stronger ones but this may change after some more kms and if they bed in more? But as a Package the CRF is a much better Bike in My View! Great Report Alan, keep up the Good Work!!!
  4. i'm pleased the report was received in the vain it was intended, thanks

    ref the gearbox, maybe i should take a different bike next time because as i have already said this one i believe has some kind of fault!
    cheers guys

    this life is no rehearsal!!
  5. Al , I"ll repeat what i said on facebook - "Brilliant , you really had me going in the first few paragraphs" Almost thought we'd have to get the spare room ready for you here after she kicked you out :)
  6. I think John has the right idea.
    One for every day of the week and replace them regularly :)

    And..... If you need something out of the ordinary, there's always something available for short term hire.

    Great stuff Alan. Keep the amusing ride reports coming :happy4:
  7. Good report. I was waitng for someone to say what they were like seriously offroad, sounds like they do a good job.

    Mine is due in any day now....Must be time to call them again and ask "mah laow gee wun?"
  8. thanks, a few photos will appear soon too!
  9. Photos are there.
    Thanks Al, super report. Please keep 'em coming.
  10. hi, thanks

    CM to mae na chon, wat chan, me hong son, then upto shan border and then to pai, a loop southern side of checkpoint on pai to maetang road then wian haeng mae ta man chian dao, up and over to mae ta man again then back way to mok fa doi suitep and back to CM!!
  11. I wish all test reports were like this. Written in a language that is easy to relate to, no technical 'tri-differential perambulator' type talk that I never understand not being a techie person, and a whole lot of fun but you get the message loud and clear.
    Brilliant, thanks Alan.
  12. thanks ron glad you enjoyed it!!
  13. Thanks for this great me this is one of the most interesting i read so far on this and other forums -
    Please keep us updated HERE as we love to know YOUR views on the bike, the good , the bad and the ugly :)
    i was just looking at one crf250l today and in my place they sell between 130-135k thb...well priced compared to other locations in thailand, me thinks.

    happy trails,

  14. thanks mbox, glad you enjoyed it, thats a great price lets see if they keep it!!!
  15. Excellent report! It rarely happens that I'm more interested in reading than looking at the photos!
  16. cheers, glad you enjoyed it!
  17. Another brilliant review!

    Good to see you having such fun with your new Gik! ;)

    Ride on!

    Tony :happy2::happy1:
  18. Like the others I have to praise your writing style, refreshing and fun.
  19. thanks Tony, a gik's always gotta be fun eh? i must join you one of your rides sometime!
  20. ok guys, here's a bit of hot off the press news for you crf lovers!!

    my friends crf had a slight "fall down" 2 days ago, onto its left hand side! from virtually stationary!
    the gear shift spline snapped off almost flush with the crankcase!!, now that wouldnt have happened on the klx, i believe that is weak material plus a rigid gear shifter, also parts are not available to fix it just yet!!!!

    these are the exact kind of things we need to know!!! had this happened in the middle of the jungle or on some serious single track!!! big problems!!!!!
    safe riding

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