Is it possible to rent a 650 Ninja in CNX

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  1. I just want so see if I can ride on with the back mess. That means a day long ride.
  2. Daewoo rented one that was brand new at the time from Mr Beer, around a couple of corners from Mrs Mechanic. Mrs Mechanic also has at least one available. There are many ER6N's available in CM and it is the same as far as sitting position and controls as the Ninja 650. Just less protection from the fairing etc, but I do not think that would make a difference for what you want to check.
  3. No farings wouldn't mean much what I need to know.

    That's a nice bike and the price is right if I can ride it.

    Plan on taking a run to Chaing Rai after Song Kran, That would be a great time to check it out
  4. Ray,

    To me the Ninja and the ER6N felt like two different bikes...

    Not sure if it is the reportedly different front suspension, or tyres, or the farings giving aerodynamic downforce...

    It may well have been that I had started to get used to a bike that is very different from the tractor I ride here after the first two days on the ER6N, then swapped to the Ninja when I was a bit more used to a different style of bike... It may be that the roads East of CNX where I had the Ninja are better than the roads West of CNX where I had the ER6N...

    If you are thinking of buying the Ninja, I would suggest you hire a Ninja not an ER6N, because to me they felt very different... If you are trying to decide between the two, hire one day on each...

    Note that the Ninjas are 2010 Models, and most of the ER6Ns 2009 models, so you might not be doing apples for apples...

  5. Thanks Daewoo What I need to see is what the ride position will do to me. I will know in a few hours. If it is something I can f do opens a new world to me. There is no doubt in my mind they will handle much better, then the tanks I ride. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    The Ninja is the one I could afford.
  6. Ray , I have hired both the ER6N and the Ninja 650 from Mrs Mechanic in CNX and ridden the MHS loop on separate occasions. The ER6 I rode solo and the Ninja 2 up , with my wife on back. I really liked both bikes.
    I also own an ER6n here in Phuket. It is a 2010 model with ABS and can be bought easily around Thailand. The Ninja is more expensive due to all fairings etc.
    If I understand your situation correctly , it is your dodgy back which is the big question ?? I also have a crook back and personally, find the riding position great for my back. Better than the upright positions of all my previous dirt bikes which perhaps seems a bit weird.
    I once had a Phantom which I found very unsupportive for spine position.
    I think the 650's are a great mid range engine giving good power but downsides are poor visibility in mirrors, clunky gearbox esp. neutral to first ( I'm used to Hondas) and suspension a bit firm for me ( I'm 67 kg )
    At speeds up to 110 - 120kmh , the ER6 is fine, but if you plan to do longer distances at sustained higher speeds , I would suggest looking at the Ninja.

    Hope this helps
  7. Thanks Noel wish I could rent one in closer to Udon. But, I don't think that is going to happen.

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