Is it possible?

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  1. I am in Vientienne, Laos and I'd like to buy a 100cc scooter and cruise down to Cambodia, through the country and then to Vientnam. I've got two months and I'm not in a huge rush.

    Is it possible if I take it slow?

    Cheers for any and all advice.
  2. Hi

    I guess it is better you try first to enter VN from Laos, then you will find out if you can cross IN. It seems that almost nobody can enter VN with his bike into VN.

    If you are IN VN, I guess you should be able to enter Cambodia without problem.

    After you has tried, let us know!!
    Good luck
  3. Other the the entry into VN, (which is probalby not possible) it is certainly easily done to ride a 100cc bike from Laos to Cambodia. The roads are very good all the way from the boarder to the very south of Cambodia. You wont have any choice but to take it slow, that is the speed of a scooter 60kmh comfortable anymore not comfortable.

    PS even buying a bike in Vietnam and getting it out could prove troublesome.

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