Is it realistic ?

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  1. Hi ,

    I'm fulltimer in Thailand since 2000 ,my actual bike is a Shadow 750cc ,the previous one a Slasher 400cc ,and the first one a Phantom 200cc.
    As every young boy ( I'm just 62;) ) I always dream about a bigger one ( my wife too ,I bet :sick:).

    So I would like to buy a Vtx 1800 ,but the only ones I found for sale are silly expensive wrecks.
    Beginning this summertime we will only spend 7 months/year in Thailand and 5 other months travelling Europe with our Rv.

    My idea is ,buying a used ( lightly ) Us Vtx 1800 ,and import her here on the temporary import status.
    If I understand everything well I could keep the bike in Thailand during 6 months with the extensions ,first question : is it doable with my retirement visa ?
    After these first six months ,ride the bike to Cambodia ,Poipet or Kho Kong are pretty close from here ,rent a storage for the next 6 months ,then back to Thailand for wintertime apply for a new six months temporary import ,and same way every year ,Does it sound realistic ?
    Does anyone here try to do the same process ?
    And what about the 6 months storage in Cambodia ,doable ,or not ?

    Thanks for your replies ,mate .
  2. Buy something locally that is already registered & legal.

    Save yourself a lot of time, money & hassle.
  3. I have a Yamaha XVS 1300cc V twin with 50/50 weight distribution, belt drive with 2 side boxes and a top box is set up for touring. It's lighter than the VTX if your interested contact me, registered and in Chiang Mai......"[email protected]"

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