Is Kymco bikes, scooters and ATV distributed in Thailand ?

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  1. Hi Friends,

    Just a quick question, is Kymco distributed in Thailand ?

    The Brand is growing in Europe and it seems they have interesting models especially in ATV range.
  3. Hi Friends, hi Pierre,

    Thanks for the reply "mais en Français pour Pierre le Belge, ...ça je savais faire...". In fact this doesn't help and the last time I wrote them they never reply.

    I simply ask to our forrum friends if they know about it in Thailand, otherwitise easy for me to type Kymco in Google...
  4. Hi Azoulay....i think pierre's answer would b clear enough to tell me that there is no official distributor here in thailand. Anyways, i too have never heard or seen of Kymco here , but i recall not so long ago they did seek for a distributor, joint venture...basically the site what pierre found. I vote for you as new distrubutor of Kymco in Thailand :)

    But even no distributor here now doesn't mean you can't import a vehicle from Kymco abroad ...of course it may cost a bit more but specially on the ATV section it really should not too can't legally ride ATV's IIRC so no green books ,emissions or registration hassle.

    A freind of mine has an PGO Buggy and a few smaller ATV's parked at his restaurant ...i drive those sometimes...i must say that buggy is wicked fun :)

    cheers, mbox
  5. They also produce a cruiser which looks very much like Honda's little cruiser with the VTR250 engine.


  6. Hi Friends, hi MBox and KZ25,

    Thanks for the information, and please be sure that it' s not of my intention to import such bikes in LOS...Too much assle, in fact I saw in their range display, what I found as an interesting ATV with the 550 MXU EX...

    On an other hand, MBox, I did not congratulate you for the brilliant report on the last Bangkok Motor Show but I take the opportunity to do it, I really enjoyed it.

    Among the diffrent pictures you shown, I saw something which also appeal my eyes...a side car made from a Chinese little bike (a me too from a Monkey or something like that) coupled with a side car. It was really nice, do you have any further information on what it could cost, who distribute it and ...???

    Still proud of our Tiger, working well !
  7. Thanks Azoulay and i think these sidecars to stallion bikes was probably only custom made but you can contact stallion on their website ...but as i can see it is down now :-( maybe this Forum can be of help? http:/,+Perak,+Malaysia&daddr=D29+to:Jalan+Sungai+Sam+-+Dabong+-+Jeli&hl=en&ll=4.941829,102.150192&spn=0.554797,1.056747&sll=5.691149,101.845279&sspn=0.017316,0.033023&geocode=FaZeRgAdot4GBinjM0DzeezKMTFZ6FJpRp_cjw%3BFZtYSgAdNLITBg%3BFSDjVgAdvAgSBg&mra=mi&mrsp=2&sz=16&t=m&z=11
    if you liked the small Big Bull Bikes this seem their new website: http:/,+Perak,+Malaysia&daddr=D29+to:Jalan+Sungai+Sam+-+Dabong+-+Jeli&hl=en&ll=4.941829,102.150192&spn=0.554797,1.056747&sll=5.691149,101.845279&sspn=0.017316,0.033023&geocode=FaZeRgAdot4GBinjM0DzeezKMTFZ6FJpRp_cjw%3BFZtYSgAdNLITBg%3BFSDjVgAdvAgSBg&mra=mi&mrsp=2&sz=16&t=m&z=11 ( and the old website was that: i think maybe in future the Big bull bikes could also have a sidecar made by Tiger ( Big Bull Bikes are built at Tiger Motors)
    Specially when they include Roadbomber ( which is a jap Harley customizing within the Tiger Motors Factory compound ) as seen on the streetbomber 150 ( http:/,+Perak,+Malaysia&daddr=D29+to:Jalan+Sungai+Sam+-+Dabong+-+Jeli&hl=en&ll=4.941829,102.150192&spn=0.554797,1.056747&sll=5.691149,101.845279&sspn=0.017316,0.033023&geocode=FaZeRgAdot4GBinjM0DzeezKMTFZ6FJpRp_cjw%3BFZtYSgAdNLITBg%3BFSDjVgAdvAgSBg&mra=mi&mrsp=2&sz=16&t=m&z=11 or http:/,+Perak,+Malaysia&daddr=D29+to:Jalan+Sungai+Sam+-+Dabong+-+Jeli&hl=en&ll=4.941829,102.150192&spn=0.554797,1.056747&sll=5.691149,101.845279&sspn=0.017316,0.033023&geocode=FaZeRgAdot4GBinjM0DzeezKMTFZ6FJpRp_cjw%3BFZtYSgAdNLITBg%3BFSDjVgAdvAgSBg&mra=mi&mrsp=2&sz=16&t=m&z=11 ) for designing that may turn out in something really beautiful .

    Need to point out that these bikes are made from a similar to Tiger Retro engine ( i think they used a 125cc which are the ones using on the Big Bull bikes , IIRC) and the rest around was Roadbombers work. here some pics attached.

    Note the lower pics...the small black bike with the fairing is a Big Bull King Kong with Roadbomber having added some designwork and the yellow one is the Big Bull fourty eight which also had roadbomber adding their "note" ....i think if they add some sidecar to those bikes it could look really nice .

    Back on that WE have decided that YOU make the Kymco distribution in Thailand ...when are you gonna start and which models are you gonna make available first :)

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