Is the air quality really bad in Chiang Mai right now?

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  1. Was going to ride up next weekend but if it's really as bad as it looks I think perhaps it would be better to fly or drive....

  2. Does this mean you can not see Doi Suthep while riding on Thapae road?
    To CNX via ???

    Chang Noi
  3. From what I've read the visibility is only a few hundred meters...

    Shocking that the air in Bangkok can actually be cleaner than the air up north...

    There's something seriously wrong with this country.

    This happens pretty much every year, yet nothing ever changes...

  4. You can't see many mountains. A group of guys went up to Fang via Doi Ang Khang yesterday, over-nighting in Fang. Some came back today, some tomorrow, but maybe some of them will post a few photos for you to see. And yeah it's the same same every year late Feb-March-April, until some rain comes & clears it all away.
  5. Yes its really bad, and is getting worse each day. You might be able to see the coutures of Doi Suthep from around the old city but only just. That video clip says it all really... :(
  6. Really bad, right now, in red, with 122.17 (in Europe the max is 50). Chaingrai, Lampang, same same! This web site gives permanently updated informations:
  7. Fly to Hanoi, go to Flamingo Travel, rent a good bike & see the wonder that is Vietnam.
    I'm being serious.
  8. From what I hear, it's terrible.

    I had enough of the madness after a week and moved the family to Hua Hin.

    Wrong time to visit CM... bring the dust mask.
  9. I'm doing just that with another rider April 4-24. I assume the villagers North of Hanoi do not practice slash/burn as is done in the GT? Probably going to get wet going in April but would rather have a bit of mud than constant dust and foul air.
  10. Aw, I was hoping to catch up with you this coming weekend in CM, but good that you got the family out and are enjoying the clean air at the beach in HH.

    Catch you next time!

    Tony :)
  11. I did a couple hour ride out past Samoeng over the weekend, and today my eyes still feel like they are full of sand. :roll:
  12. Nikster,
    No problems with hill-tribe agricultural practices in VN in terms of smoke haze & visibility.
    The problem here presently is the dampness & the COLD. Believe me cold+humidity eats into your bones - forget the average temperature charts & prepare to rug-up.
    I'll reply to other matters on the VN Forum thread/s.
  13. Late September 2011:
    This is a shot from the 1230 viewpoint overlooking Mae On valley. CNX is slightly visible over the range at the top right. As I had arrived in Thailand in July, I thought THIS was a bad day. In July/August I could see Doi Suthep!

    And yesterday.

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