Is the blessed day coming...

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  1. Is the blessed day coming...
    when I won't be awaken by an obnoxious sounding Harley Davidson...??

    Harley is now making their first electric bike...

    [I love the articles comment: 'The crew from Milwaukee is going to show off its first electric motorcycle
    tomorrow, causing scads of chap-wearing dentists to revaluate their alternative weekend lifestyles.']
  2. It could be the way of the future, I know KTM are doing a lot of work developing electric bikes.

    Two clips on the Harley Davidson Livewire Electric MotorCycle

  3. I Love the Sound of Harley Davidson! Some get a bit carried away making them Way to Noisy! I wish they made a Bike that looked like this with a Real Motor!!! Beautiful!
  4. Wow! Never thought HD had much of an R&D department, 1st the water cooled touring models (inspired by the EPA??) & now this. My hat's off to them for this kind of work, but they'll always go where the money is.

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