Is there a Ducati website for new bikes available here ?

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  1. There's a few pre-owned bikes here but I'd like to know what new bikes are avaialble in Thailand. If no website does anyone know what's available new ? Thanks. ... 11164.html
  2. Well, basically all of the current range -

    Any not in stock can be ordered though it may take a few months and don't forget, Italy closes down in August for summer holidays.

    What are you interested in?
    I was there last a few weeks back and remember seeing various 1098's, Multistrada's and Hypermotards.
    Strangely, didn't see any Monsters though apparently the new 696 is on it's way.

    If you're located in Bangkok, just pop in to the dealers located on Soi Thonglor opposite Soi 23 and speak to Chum.
  3. I'm selling my DUCATI FTP (for the poor) 250 - great on gas and the girls don't know the difference! (-:
  4. Ducati, Ducati, who said Ducati ??? A 250 ?

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