Is There any Rime or Reason to Depreciation to Thai Bikes?

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  1. I am wanting to to buy a 650 Versys or something similar. I know I can buy a New Versys for 285,000 but I am finding quite a few bikes in great condition with great add-ons for anywhere from 200,000 to 260,000. Is there any depreciation that is normal to this series of non import bike in Thai?
  2. I have also responded to your other thread. Not much can be considered 'normal' here in Thailand, hence the TIT, This Is Thailand, expression. The Versys is a good value bike well received in Thailand, quite a few people have moved on from the ER6N or Ninja 650, whose resale values are a little lower. Another factor is that Kawasaki had a supply problem for quite a few months,(I am not sure if this has been fully resolved, but easy to check if you go and see your local dealer and ask for delivery time on a new Versys). So the usual supply and demand rule drove up the price of the second hand bikes.
    The ER6 and Ninja 650 had good model upgrades for 2012, and are worth considering. The Versys is not a better bike than those, it is just different, and some riders prefer the more sporty characteristics of those over the Versys. The Versys has been unchanged since launch and maybe will be upgraded next year, which would increase depreciation of current model. As a general note, Depreciation for bikes and cars is probably lower in Thailand than in many more developed markets.
  3. Thanks for you comments John, what would be the best path to research Kawasaki in Thailand to find out if the 2013 models (Versys) will have significant changes? what bikes in the import models compare with the style of bike as the Versys?
  4. Agreed John, many factors add to the strange way new bikes do or don't depreciate. Another point to think about is expats come & go especially in Phuket & with most cases of low priced bikes, they have to be sold quickly when an expat is needing to move abroad for a new job or go back to their home country for whatever work or family reason!

    I have a good friend with a 2010 standard black Versys & he is still annoyed that he didn't wait 2 months for the all black 2011 version!! He also realizes that selling his standard black Versys in the future market, it will have to be priced lower to win over a potential buyer looking for a all black model if they are given the choice of the two bikes.

  5. that is a real problem for me I really am in no hurry and if there will be significant changes in the near future, I will wait but trying to find that out is a whole other question. but I really thank you all for the good comments.
  6. Tony BKK on this forum is closer to Kawasaki and their intentions than anyone else here, maybe he will comment. As far as imports, BMW have the G650GS, but expensive cf Versys, Yamaha have just started to import the FZ8, at 480K Baht. You will find a lot of info on major brands here in the relevant threads, including recent postings on the FZ8, which I have just taken delivery of.
  7. Thanks John and congrads on your new bike! I reviewed some of the threads and looked up the FZ8N. do you know if it is something that is being stocked at this time here in Thai? or is it a order and wait 30-60 days?
  8. The bike is new to Thailand and Yamaha made first deliveries during the second week of July. The bike was in stock at the Khorat Yamaha shop and in Bangkok. I guess Khorat is your nearest shop. You can ring Khun Nui the sales guy there, but he has limited English. His mobile 087813622.
  9. Thanks again John. my Thai is fair after 200 hours of school learning to read and write. but now it is time to do some riding and touring. hope to run into you!

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