is this the 2012 versys colours?

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  1. could these be the next colours we see on the Versys this year?

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  2. Sorry but I can not resist to comment to the bottom picture:

    They want to look like a BMW 800 GS?
  3. Saw the yellow one on display out the front of the the Kawa shop in Pattaya yesterday
  4. yellow tank = like
  5. Colour and scheme quite similar to 2002 - 2004 Fazers
    Dab of yellow on the cowling around the exhaust might make it go a bit faster too :)
  6. I saw the Bike yesterday and I must say it looks much better in the Flesh than the Photo portrays! Very Nice!
  7. Where & which one did you see Ian?
    There's a yellow one around Sansai / Mae Jo area recently, wonder if it's the same one?
  8. The one I saw was Brand New in the Kawasaki Workshop. I think they were doing the Delivery Check over? I will be in Kawasaki again in the next day or two so if one is still there I will take a Photo!
  9. There were two yellow ones in Kawa CNX yesterday. One banged up waiting for repairs and one for delivery. I really like this colour...

    Also a non stock blue in the show room but not so sure about that..

    Sorry about the quality of pix but taken with a phone.
  10. Better looks than before!

    Finally they blacked out the radiator shrouds - big improvement!

    The black one looks perfect, but I'd go for the yellow one if it also had black forks and a black rear swingarm.

    A yellow plastic piece from the tank to the headlight would make this bike look longer, sportier, not so tall.

    All in all they look better than ever!
  11. Yep, I just bought the Yellow one and it does look like the GS... but actually in 2010 K-V had exactly the same colors...
  12. - Black swing arm is an improvement - looks great
    - Black radiator shrouds are a must - this is the reason I went for black in 2010. Silver painted plastic just looks cheap. That is, it looks like silver painted plastic.

    IMO a blacked out headlight is all it takes to transform the Versys into a really nice looking bike. I look at it every day and recently discovered - hey - it doesn't look all that bad, actually. In fact, it looks hot. Where the only thing I did is have the silver plastic surrounding the headlight blacked out. And the MRA screen installed, which looks better than stock.

    The new colors are both great though I think the yellow could easily do with a black swing arm, too. Very much like the black parts above the footrest, they're on both 2012 bikes.

    The yellow also needs a blacked out headlight frame, of course.

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