Island hopping with a 125?

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    Hey guys,

    I'm trying to plan out a rough route for the SE Asia part of my RWT. I land in Bangkok in October and then fly strait to Han Oi to buy a motorcycle and start my adventure. I'm looking for some advice on islands that are relatively easy to get to with a motorcycle (125cc) either by longtail or ferry. I plan on spending 4-5 months in the region ending in Singapore before heading to NZ. I 'm a beach bum at heart and plan on spending much of my time on islands and by the coast. I am aware that for me to travel to many of these Islands I'll will have to leave my bike at a guesthouse, friend or reliable mechanic, storage, etc. If anyone has any experience or suggestions for this it would be greatly appreciated. What islands have you taken your bikes to and which were the best? Thanks!

    So far the Islands that I am most interested in are:

    Phu Quoc
    Cat Ba Island

    Ko Tonsay
    Ko Russie
    Koh Rong
    Koh Tang
    Koh Ru

    Don Dhet
    Don Kohn
    Don Khong

    Southern Andamans
    Koh Phi Phi
    Ko Pha Ngan
    ko Tao
    Ko Kradan
    Ko Ngai
    Ko Phra Thong
    Ko Lipe
    Ko Muk

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