Ithmus of Kra - A Geographical Landmark

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  1. A suggestion, shall we start another photo list of those who had been here?

    Ithmus of Kra is a narrow neck of land in Southern Thailand connecting the Malay Peninsula. This piece of land is shared by Thailand and Burma, and separates The Gulf of Siam to the east and The Andaman Sea to the west. Its narrowest point measures 40-48 kilometers and is situated between Chumpon and Kra Buri. Located on hiway 4, north of Ranong. GPS coordinates N10* 28.111' E098* 48.567' Isthmus of Kra is called Kho Khok Kra in Thai.

    Passed this point on December 2010.
  2. ya we should start nice ride brother
  3. Agreed. A brilliant idea for the south. Post your photos of "Ithmus of Kra - A Geographical Landmark" + you bike & self if possible.
    Thanks for the great idea Abg Acid. :clap:

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