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  1. A fren told me about this place in Vang Vieng called Jaidees? How far away is that from the main town centre (Muang Fallang) and is there decent accomodation in the vicinity? I'd like to go there for Pi Mai.
  2. I know "Jaidee's" : a bar-restaurant. One of the oldest in Vang Vieng and managed by D.J. Jaidee, an outgoing, vibrant personnality.Unlike the others there is no T.V. in the bar and Jaidee plays the best music in town. The bar has recently moved location, but just 500 meters on the same main road, center of town. Just ask for it. Everybody knows.
    There are plenty of accomodation around -and even more if you have your own bike. Then you can stay by the river : ""Riverside bungalows", for example.
    Sometimes Jaidee has bikes for rent (Honda Baja & Suzuki Djebel).
    Wish you a nice time,
  3. Thanks P.[:)] Have stayed at the Riverside before. They don't happen to have a contact number do they. Cos I may have to reserve the room with the Lao New Year n all. Yes, Idid hear about te best music bit. M looking forward to it.
  4. [:I]Hey P, I KNOW YOU! laugh. So when r off to homeland?
  5. Riverside Bungalows : (856)0205523426, (856)023511035...
    On their business card they also give a website:
    www. KPL.net.net
    I haven't tried this. Don't know what it worth.
    Good luck,
    P.S. No intention of going back to my homeland, mate!

  6. Thanks, P!
    Hmm, me thought a vist was on the agenda. well, who can blame you, there's deffinitely more fun and adventure here.laugh.
  7. oh, It's Sashimi to you.[:D]
  8. tried both numbers but to no avail. Will go to Green Discovery and ask them if they can do the booking. Thanks tho.
  9. If any of you are planning to go up to Vang Vieng during the Lao new year, you may have trouble getting accomodation at places away from town i.e the Riverside Bungalows. Apparently some French guy is getting married and many of the rooms have been booked. Most of Vientiane will be there, i expect.

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