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  1. Hi I'm off to Japan for a week, can anyone advise if i'll get better quality and cheaper boots etc. in Japan than thailand thanks for any help:happy5:
  2. with the weak yen there may be some bargains
  3. Thanks Yankee much appreciated
  4. I went to Tokyo a few years ago and did a bit of research beforehand on the areas to find bike shops. You will find all searches direct you to an area called Ueno, normally with a suffix of Motorcycle District.

    I visited the area hoping to find all the main dealers with all the latest models in their showrooms but was hugely underwhelmed - I thought I was in the wrong place at first. Not one dealership represented, just a few secondhand places, some accessory shops catering for the Harley mob and not a great deal else. This article gives a fairly accurate idea of what you can expect:


    I bought a visor for a Shoei helmet which was not outrageously priced but found that prices and stock at bike shops in cities I subsequently visited in the US to be better.

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