Joe added a leading fork

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  1. I am excited, my bike sidecar has been painted and Joe added a leading fork.

    Will pick it up on Monday. Have been told it looks impressive. The leading fork should make riding bents easier.
    No further plans as yet. I will try a resort to get physically fit again, walking gym etc.

    Will look at this one, ... tures.html

    I take it easy, may be more riding around in the North, may be going down the Lao border.

    This stupid new 90day reporting requires that I´ll be back on Phuket in 6 weeks.

    Cant tell you how much I relish my unscheduled freedom.
  2. Pico-Pico
    Good to know you're back on the road. Why not post some photos of your outfit with the mods for us to look at?
    Re the 90 day immigration reporting - can't you do that by mail, or has the policy changed yet again?
  3. Thanks David,

    the fork is not only giving the bike a much more sexy look but the riding has become so much easier. More more difference between left and right bents, no more muscle power needed to go into a bent at all. ( Missing the exercise already now)
    Going uphill no counter steering to the right to counter the weight of the sidecar, which can become rather tiresome over long uphill stretches.
    In short= before I was riding a truck without power steering now
    it's a Porsche which can be steered with one finger.
    It took me one day to keep the thing going straight so different was the feel.

    Photos will come


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