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  1. Have been reading ... rms=jacket
    plus about Rocket / Gerricke jackets. Even found one formula to calculate wind chill factor

    equivalent temp. = s - (s - t)×(0.474266 + b×sqrt(v) + c×v) [:D]

    Thought I would never ever freeze in Thailand, my trip taught me otherwise. Even during the day when temp was about 30, I felt cold.
    I wasnt wearing Joe Rocket Phoenix jacke /Heinz Gerrick air flow jackets. But I was wearing
    a windstopper undershirt for cyclists (traitor, shame on me)
    a windstopper jacket for cyclists (traitor, shame on me)
    a cotton jacket

    ....dont laugh, I was freezing.
    I understand that above jackets permits air to flow freely.
    What about wind chill ??
    ( Dont think I need the protective funktions because of my side car the risk of a fall is much reduced)
    I like it light and easy. Suggestions ??
  2. Pico,

    I have the Phoenix 4.0 and use it down to about 15C with the liner in and a longsleeve jersey underneath. Takes the chill off and still breathes enough not to get sticky. Below 15C, you're going to want something heavier.

    I'm kinda hot blooded though, so your comfort zone may be a bit higher on the scale in which case a bit more undergarment is in order. Versatile, waterproof jacket with good storage though. For $140US, it's pretty hard to beat.
  3. Pico,

    On your Isaan trip you could go 9 ring road, 304 to Red Baron and pick up a Greedy motocross-ish jacket , Lots of ventilation and removable armour(sic)/padding about 6500-ish. But summer is coming so you won't be cold until November[8D]

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