Joe Rocket Sonic 2.0 Men's Perforated Black Leather Jacket XXL Chiang Mai

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  1. Jack B

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    Joe Rocket Sonic 2.0 Men's Perforated Black Leather Jacket, size 50 XX, shoulder and elbow padding, multiple pockets. The item is in good condition. Must sell 4500 bhat obo. This Joe Rocket Jacket was purchased from colemanpowered in 2010 for 18,000 bhat new. Protective clothing when riding a motorcycle or equivalent is a safety requirement by my Thai employer. I wanted to be safe than sorry from any accidental spill that would leave road rash or worst. I didn't not want to be a test dummy for any inferior products. I'm selling because I need the extra money to pay for school. Must sell 4500 bhat or best offer.
    277168=9175-jr2.jpg Jack B. San Sai, Chiang Mai Payap University 66+0881327094
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  3. LivinLOS

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    Have any larger pics ???
  4. Jack B

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  5. LivinLOS

    LivinLOS Ol'Timer

    I would like to have a look in person.. A lot comes down to fit and feel..

    Will call you later, busy day planned.
  6. Cloughy

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    I would also like to take a look if you've not already bought it or seen it and not bought it.
    Is it still up for grabs?
  7. LivinLOS

    LivinLOS Ol'Timer

    havent managed to get through yet...

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