Joint Thai / Lao / Viet Driving Licences

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  1. 2007-0826 - BKK Post - Transport ties likely to improve

    Transport ties likely to improve

    Less paperwork needed for crossings

    By Wallapa Treeprapakorn

    The cross-border transportation and distribution of goods between Laos, Vietnam and Thailand is expected to improve following the recent signing of the East-West Corridor pact.

    Deputy Transport Minister Sansern Wongcha-um said the second Thai-Lao bridge linking Mukdahan and Savannakhet, part of the so-called East-West Corridor linking Burma-Thailand-Laos-Vietnam, will become a major transportation route in the Mekong region given that an increasing number of people are visiting the province from neighbouring countries. His comment followed the signing of a memorandum of understanding among the three countries in Savannakhet province.

    The East-West Corridor stretches for nearly 1,500 kilometres across Burma, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. It is the only land route that traverses mainland Southeast Asia on an east-west axis.

    Mr Sansern said motorists who travel on this land link would be issued a special driving licence from the three countries. Traffic flow would also improve as motorists at present need to produce special documents for cross-border travel at border checkpoints. The process inconveniences motorists and causes traffic congestion.

    Comment: I wonder what the procedure will be & how long it will take to get the “joint” driving licence for the 3 countries. I also wonder if they will issue them for "driving" motorcycles, or are they excluded from the agreement?
  2. Hi David, I tried the link but it doesn't appear to work. do you have any more info (website etc)???? I'm gettting ready to take my HP2 down to Singapore next month to get it kitted up with some Touratech / Wunderlich kit. I shall stick a picture of the bike on the site when she's ready.....

  3. Muzz
    This won't happen for 6 months at a guess.
    My info came from ... sage/13630
    Go here if you can / like, but you won't see anymore info, other than what I posted.

    I'd also bet money that motorbikes are excluded & there are NO joint Thai / Lao / Viet motorbike licences issued.
    They are really only interested in facilitating the movement of non two wheeled vehicles & don’t want a flood of guys on Honda Dreams cruising across & around the border areas. Motorcyclists are definitely being discriminated against.

    Are you using Chan KP at M-Technik in Singapore for your bike gear? Chan looks after most of us GT Riders in Cnx, & is flying to Cnx next month if you need any parts?
  4. Thanks David for the info. Yep, Chan has got stuff for me and also Choi at Adventureonwheels.

  5. Looks like I was wrong & you can get an ASEAN motorcycle licence already!
    See ... t3354.html
  6. When I got my Thai motor driving license and extended my car driving license for a 5 year one the lady at the ministry of transport told me that the license I got (hard plastic, main color blue instead of the thin pink color one) was usable in all Asean countries. I have not tried it yet but when I have I will let you guys know if the police in other Asean countries except it.

    Might be though that they just want a bribe and will claim it is not accepted.
  7. To be more precise, I got my licenses in beginning of October 2007

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