JRD shop and two odd looking bikes.

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  1. The last two mornings on my way to work I have seen two new bikes parked outside the JRD shop( on the road that goes from the superhighway to the train station) They look like a full size bike and a bit like a copy of a BMW 650 CS. I saw they have a 88,000 baht price sticker on them and they seem to be called Mombo or something like that. I haven't had a chance to stop for a better look.
  2. HI JON.

    I saw the advertisement for the MOMBO in the NATION newspaper two weeks ago and I was astonished. It looked exactly as a BMW CS (of which I have one) but the engine was a 200cc four stroke (single or twin?)

    If the BMW legal department hasn't taken legal action yet they will for sure do it even if China not yet is a WTO member.

    I wonder if the spare parts are inter changeable. I need new bars around the fake tank that easily gets cracks in the Thai heat. You know the BMW prices for spare parts.....

  3. Is JRD Chinese/Taiwanese? I think JRD are the intitials of one of Tata's executives from history. Maybe JRD is Indian?
  4. Hiko do you have a link for the Mombo or was it just a private ad ? Tks, Franz

    The JRD is Thai company, you will see the factory on your right side when you go to Sadeo and Malaysia.

    It is probably built up from Chinese parts but I think it is Malaysia-Chinese capital behind it. I don't think there is any Indian connections.

    As a "less proud" owner of a JRD Scooter I can assure you that it is 100% rubbish and don't just buy it!!!!

    The only funny things with the bike are the ABS-brakes which are very simple and do not work and the Thieve Protection which shouts in Thai when somebody touch the bike "DO NOT TOUCH ME" and DO NOT STEAL ME" when somebody continues.

    The Ad I saw was a big launch ad for MOMBO but I don't think there is any connection to JRD they just target the same dealers. If I still have the ad I will post it on the board.

  6. The bike is called a "Gusto Rumba" and is a 200cc 4 stroke twin. When I was at Joe's Bike Team a guy called and subsequently emailed us the marketting blurb. It's in PDF format and if anyone wants a copy, just PM me (or tell me how to post it here!).

    Hiko, you're right - I would think the BMW execs are talking with their legal guys as apart from the engine, it's a pretty accurate clone.


  7. my neighbour has a 2 years old from new JRD scooter its shoddy and always having faults. avoid and buy Honda or Yamaha
  8. Hiko, many thanks for the answer, I do not want to buy these JRD scooters but was only interested in seeing a picture of the MOMBO on how close to the original it is; anyway both my F650GS & XJ750Seca run smooth, no need for another one. Are you around at the Burapa Bikeweek also on Saturday ? Will be there and PM you my mobileno. beforehand. Regards, Franz

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