July 2008 Yamaha FZ1 for sale. Excellent condition with accessories 335,000 Baht

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  1. 271966=5469-IMG_0623.
    Bike now SOLD holding deposit, pending completion.
    Yamaha FZ1 purchased from Yamaha Big Bike in late July 2008.
    Excellent condition and looking like new; thats partly because it has always been carefully ridden and well maintained for its 43K Km, never dropped or damaged; but also because it has had a major service and all worn parts replaced recently, as well as some mods and improvements.

    * Within the last month; a Yoshimura SS exhaust has been fitted. This saves several Kg, looks good and with the baffle in, sounds good and powerful to me. The baffle can be easily removed if you want a much more aggressive and loud sound. Also a set of Pirelli Angel Tyres purchased. The rear tyre fitted, the front tyre available, not yet fitted as still some good wear left on the existing tyre.

    * The following work has been done in the last 3 months.
    Chain and sprockets replaced
    New battery
    Oil and filter changed
    Fork oil changed
    Steering head bearings greased and adjusted
    Front brake pads replaced with EBC sintered pads. Rear pads hardly worn
    Brake fluid replaced and bled
    Coolant replaced
    Tail tidy and Clear rear indicators fitted
    Valves adjusted
    Spark plugs replaced
    Accessory brake and clutch levers fitted.

    * Other accessories the bike already has are:
    Yamaha comfort seat, purchased from the USA.
    Puig touring windscreen
    Tank protector
    Oxford magnetic tank bag; UK made
    Fitting bars for a Givi heavy duty rear rack. The fixing points are available on the bike. The plate went with the Givi box, so all you would have to buy is a plate to fit a Givi or other box.

    The original parts, such as levers, screen, exhaust and Tail fittings are all available.

    The bike of course has the original Green book with Chiang Mai registration and is taxed and insured.
    Both visually and mechanically the bike is as good as, or maybe with the accessories, better than new, it is a very smooth, powerful and comfortable bike.

    The Yamaha list price of this bike with no accessories is 650,000 Baht, and I know many will say this is not good value compared with a new Kawasaki Versys at under 300,000 Baht, and that is why second hand price of the FZ1 has dropped significantly since the 650cc Kawasaki,s were launched.

    However the FZ1 is a much superior machine in many ways, including build quality, paint finish, quality of the front and rear suspension, and last but far from least, the character of the R1 derived, 998cc 4 cylinder engine. Below 7K rpm, it is very docile and happy to keep pace with cruisers, or town traffic, but if you choose to go into the 7K to 12K range it is a very powerful beast.
    It has 4 cylinders and 20 valves, compared to the 2 cylinders and 8 valves of the Kawasaki.
    HP is 150 at 11,000 rpm, cf 60 @8,400rpm and torque 106Nm cf 57Nm.
    The weight is only a few kg more, but is better distributed, and with the Yoshimura on, it is nearly the same. The Yamaha seat height is about 25mm, lower than the Versys.

    So if you are looking for a comfortable, powerful, reliable machine for 1 or 2 up touring or exploring in Thailand this machine is a good choice, and very good value at the advertised price.


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  2. Good lord the price is certainly right!

    Does Yamaha's FZ Naked Kit fit on this bike?
  3. Hi Nikster, Yes and Yes, the price is set so that I can sell the bike and Khun Nui, the salesman from Yamaha Big Bike in Khorat fitted the Naked kit to his 2008 FZ1' personally I like the twin headlight cowling on mine. I think Khun Nat at the piston shop has done the same on his FZ1. I thought the different shape headlight, which I remember as being a single one, was not as attractive, but whatever floats your boat.
    You are welcome to come and have a look.
  4. What are you buying next John?
  5. Now settled in Chiang Mai, different riding habits and a lot less long trips. So No plans to buy another bike. F800GS for me, F650GS for Tukta, PCX for town will fit the bill for now and until reach grand old pension age and income improves.
  6. Hi John,

    Beautiful bike you have there! Just one observation: Maybe the introduction of ER-6/Ninja 650R into Thai market has affected to used FZ1 pricing, but it really shouldn't. Having both Ninja 650R and Yamaha FZ1 in my garage all I can say that those bikes are just too much different to compare. It's bit like saying that Camry must be bad deal and overpriced because there is a Corolla with same amount of wheels... :) In my honest opinion the quality of ride, built and first and foremost the performance are in whole different levels. Just as it should be, when you compare the prices of the new ones.
  7. Thanks for your thoughts Jusu777 and of course I agree on the difference between the bikes. However the availability of the locally produced Kawasaki,s does seem to have reduced second hand prices of imported bikes. Some riders especially those with less riding experience find the Kawa,s meet all their needs for Thai roads. Those of us that appreciate more performance understand the difference between the bikes and are prepared to pay for the increased performance. Hopefully someone out there feels that way about my FZ1.
  8. love you John.
    You have a nack of selling beautiful bikes.
    I was in the Yamaha agent in CNX today and the sales guy told me that the Thai government is in negotiations with Japan to reduce import tax.
    That would mean almost Aussie prices for big bike Japs.
    Your price is great, best of luck.
    By the way I brought back from Oz the original panniers off the GS650, more dints in them from the airline! Used twice with brackets for you 4000bht.

    Second hand in Oz 9000bht.

  9. Thats a whole lot of clean bike for the money..
  10. I bought this exact bike back in Aus after riding with John in Thailand... (same year, colour, everything)...

    Within a few days I found I was more than able to use everything that the ER6F hire bike I was on had to offer, and was getting to the point of overriding the bike... and I am far from an experienced or particularly good rider... I've had my FZ1 for nearly a year and am still nowhere near it's limits... the two are like chalk and cheese...

    To me, the FZ1 is about the perfect bike for Thailand, a comfortable and forgiving riding position, while still being reasonably sporty... more than enough power and handling for public roads... Less stressed engine to allow it to run on normal gas and give decent range and economy... And John's anal nature when it comes to bike maintenance and preparation makes this bike a surefire winner for someone...

    Good luck with the sale John...

  11. You sure you didn't misunderstand?

    The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Japan has been in effect for a few years now (5?) - and it should be gradually reducing the import tax by 10% every year. I am not sure how many years it's been. But I go back to Yamaha to see if they lowered their prices every year, and leave disappointed every year ;) Some say the rising Yen is to blame - I don't know. I don't think Yamaha is entirely serious about big bikes in Thailand.

    Sorry for the OT - as others have said that bike is a great deal for that price.
  12. John

    I think you are way off the mark to compare the FZ1 with a 650 Kawasaki and say that the FZ1 is not good value.
    Other than them both have two wheels and you lean them to go around a corner there is no comparison.
    If you put value into perspective buying a Kawasaki is like buying 300,000 Baht worth of tin and buying a FZ1 as buying 650,000 Baht worth of gold. The old saying of “get what you pay for” is appropriate.

    I am absolutely sure that the majority of the people who buy a 650 Kwaka buy it because of the price. They simply don’t want to spend more on a bike and especially at double the price.

    By pricing it based on the Kawasaki’s creating a drop in market demand is totally wrong. A person who buys a 650 Kwaka is not going to buy an FZ1 anyway unless they had a use for two bikes and money was not an issue.

    I do think you have underpriced your bike as I sold my FZ1 recently for 345,000 and it is not half the bike yours is now. Mine was a 2006 model and was not pristine like yours. You know my FZ1 well so you know its worth.
    I bided my time and placed it with Vikrom in Bangkok and he had a number of offers for it but I held out. He mentioned to me that there was interest every weekend by browsers in his shop.

    He sold a 2008 model the same colour and with no accessories for 425,000 about 2 months ago.

    Your bike in that condition should fetch around 400,000 +
  13. The fact of the matter is that for the 650,000 price new of the FZ1 in Thailand, roughly half go to the Thai government. The other half go towards the bike. If you buy a new Kawasaki, (nearly) all of it goes towards the bike. So much for values.

    Ninja 650: $7,200 = THB 222,000
    Yamaha 2012 FZ1: $10,590 = THB 327,000

    So we can say a fair value "true worth" price for the FZ1 in Thailand would be 100k more than a Ninja 650, ie 357,000. Not 650,000.
    You can still argue the FZ1 is much better, or you just like it more - yes, sure. But you can't argue it's anywhere near a Kawasaki in bang for the buck. Import taxes make that impossible.


    Sorry for the OT - the bike for sale here is still a fantastic value for the money. I am sure it will move soon.
  14. Exactly what I was going to say. If you use the US pricing as an example then the FZ1 is approx 45% more than a Ninja 650R, is the FZ1 worth an extra 45%? Yes, it probably is.
    Here in Thailand the FZ1 is approx 150% more than a Ninja 650R, is the FZ1 worth an extra 150%? No, it definitely isn't.

    So John's bike here seems like an absolute bargain, surprised it hasn't sold yet!
  15. Well, I guess that there is no absolute truth on this value issue here, because it is ultimately up to our own desire and willingness to spend the money towards what we individually think is "right". Having just signed my name under a Diavel Carbon contract, some of the forum readers surely think that I'm the local idiot. Because if we just follow the cold & simple mathematics above, we sum up that it's over four times the price of a new Ninja 650R.

    But on the other hand, there must be at least few of the readers, who share the true passion and love towards the machines we ride. And I am sure that THEY will understand...
  16. Following a pleasant phone call with Rob, I am now holding a deposit on the FZ1 and so the bike is provisionally sold, pending completion.
    Thanks to Rob, and to all who viewed and expressed interest or commented. From this and other sources it appears that bike sales are picking up, and the weather forecast says no rain for the forseeable future, so smiley faces all around.
    I now have no more bikes to sell and do not anticipate any purchases in the next couple of years, but I do have a lot of riding to do, so lets get out and about
  17. Totally not. Love the Diavel (YUM!!!). Cold mathematics have nothing on love.

    So if the FZ1 is your true love, dismiss all calculations... 555
  18. He's a lucky man that Rob. Glad to see your sale was successful John. Fantastic bike.
  19. Congrats John, finally you managed to sell !!

    Monty1412, got your email with spam blocking, anyway cannot PM you as u haven't enabled that one. Re your CB400, try Nut at Pistonshop in CNX, he always got plenty CB400's there, I only work on my own bikes & never any other ones. Cheers, Franz
  20. Thanks Franz... I thought that was the case but decided to ask anyway.
    Appreciate your reply

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