Jumping a log

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  1. In this episode Brian Capper demonstrates the correct and incorrect way of jumping common obstacles that we are faced with during our Enduro riding. Enjoy CapperStyle…
  2. Thanks for posting. Great video demo. I always love seeing talented bike riding techniques as I'm sure others do. I always manage to get the front over the log, then the rear slams into the log but does not make the climb over. it looks like I need to add some unwieghting of the rear suspension to encourage it to get over.

    Tonight we've got a guy visiting Chiang mai that trains with David Knight on the Isle of Mann, looking forward to a couple beers with him and some interesting conversation.

    So when are you coming over from Johannesburg to give us a demo :)
  3. Yeah, great video. Wish it had a touch of slow-mo, he goes over so fast.
  4. Brilliant vid.
    Thaks for posting it up.
    The motorcycle in the vid is it a Honda?
  5. The bike in the vid is a two stroke KTM.

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