jungle ride nord laos


Jun 9, 2005
I have tried to go from viongpheukha to m.long . If i hade the gt-riders map , i probebly not tried it . it startet with 20 km of very nice dirtroad but then there was the first bamboe gate . 15 min work to open it , 15 min to close it . after 30 km there was no path enymore , and we where riding trouh high weid , lifting bikes over falen trees ,smal rivers with steep sids . after 60 we past a smal town off farmers . in the town was 1 person that spook a litle thai.and he told us that the path stopt at a uncrosseble river . we ride on to go and have look too the problem , but find ourselfs stopt by a landslide . we wenth back to the town , and it was alreadi to late to go all the way back . whe have spend the nicht with the mountainpeople . they wher very frendly . i woud like to tel more about it , but my poor writing englich is boudering my


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Dec 19, 2005
I believe we saw your tracks as we went only 1 day later.
We continued as far as the bamboo fence. Our 125cc, loaded with 2 people and bags, already had some trouble with the steep uphills.
We decided to explore a bit on foot beyond the fence and came to the same findings as you did.

So GT rider, we're two to call the unconfirmed road very beautiful, but not rideable to Muang Long