Just a warning


Nov 14, 2005
Hi all, just thought I'd post a little message here to tell all you riders to exercise a little care and forethought when going out riding next.

I broke my leg pretty badly last month, while riding alone in the mountains and rural areas of NE Thailand, I was riding alone as I usually do in mountains and rural areas, and you guys know how it is, sometimes for 30-40km, or a few hours I didn't come across a single person, especially in the rock lined single track through the mountains. Toward the evening I was riding some farm trails and to cut a long story short, braked hard to avoid some spooked cows (and their ropes, hey been clothes-lined by those ropes before too), used too much front brake and flew off, drove my right leg into the ground, breaking it in 4 places. I was absolutely blessed that the farmer who owned the cows was there and he called a ute from the local village to pick me up and take me to the hospital. All I can say is very lucky indeed. If it happened while I was in the mountains I would be in more trouble than the early settlers I can tell you.

Being the gung-ho type, I usually go out riding alone, very rarelly tell anyone where I'm going, even if I do my plans aren't well laid out, I just ride where the best trails are. I like to ride fast, and dangerously in the trails, stupid I know, but that's just me when I'm on a bike.

Anyway, just wanted to tell you blokes (and gals), next time you go out, try to tell friends or family where you're going, to the best of your knowledge. Take your GPS, a phone, and anything alse that can help you should you get into trouble. And maybe just slow down a bit, because a badly broken leg, or back means you can't move, and if you can't move, and there is not going to be people passing by then you're in the sh**

I just feel blessed that there was someone around when my leg was broken, as I couldn't move because I had to support my foot which was just dangling with the help of the skin.

Remember we're not bullet proof, we can break, so all of you try your best take a little bit more care, because we all know that when you twist that throttle, you're in another world and things are easily forgotten.


Mar 15, 2003
Some good advice from someone who, unfortunately, has first hand experience. Having a few close calls myself and knowing or being with other riders who have been injured, it is definately something to think about

I hope you are on the mend and will be back riding soon. Thanks. :wink: