Just arrived in Thailand

Discussion in 'New Members' started by aurel, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    I just arrived with my bike in Bangkok, Thailand. Even if my bike is still at the airport because the customs are closed on the week-end ;)

    I come from France, I'm currently on a world tour, two-up on a KTM 990 Adventure. After 5 months in Africa, 7 in South America and 5 in North America, it's time for 6 months in S-E Asia and India, we're looking forward to it!

    Hopefully I'll get the bike out of the customs tomorrow so we could start a loop in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and back to Thailand to ship the bike to Nepal. Hopefully we'll bump into some others riders on the road ;)
  2. That's good to know, thank you for the info :wink:

    At this time we should be in Cambodia but in december we'll come back into Thailand from Laos so we might come to say hi!
  3. Hello David

    It Paul from England we meet the last two years in CM at the Kafe and you helped with a lot of advice re bike hire etc thanks again.I think I will arive in CM on the 6th November depending how long it takes to get out of Bangkok.Is the place to meet now the Euro dinner and X centre not the Kafe as before ? Because hoping to meet you and other again. I think I will be in CM on the 15/16th so that would be good to have dinner. Hope all ok with you

    Safe riding
  4. Hi there Paul,
    I've changed address in the last month & the Kafe is not so convenient for me.
    The X-Centre is best, but there's a good group of guys & gals who ride & use the Euro Diner for a meeting place now. All good people there too.
    The Kafe is still ok, but I'm not 5 minutes away & there everyday like before. I am now 20-30 minutes away, so it is not that convenient. PM me to meet up when you get here.
  5. David


    Thanks I will message you when I get to Chaing Mai, and go to the X centre and check it out. I will look for accomodation nearer to that bar this time I look forward to a cold beer. I fly out tomorrow from the UK and be up some time next week

    Safe riding
  6. Can you share your info regarding customs clearance? I.e. how do you temporary import your bike for traveling? Are you paying whatever huge deposits then get 'em back when you leave, or do you have a carnet (if so, which type and how much did it cost you in your country)? I'm researching on how to travel to South-East Asia with my own bike, but so far I'm finding it can be really really expensive, customs-wise.

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