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    Having my morning coffee and looking at motorbike adds online and spotted this Yamaha YZF600R for sale only a few blocks from me called him seems i was the first to call popped in on my way to work deal done for $1.850 oz not that i am in to road bikes all that much but SH...t dos it go!!!!! i will ride it a bit and sell it on to someone that really wants it for a profit naturally :smile1:

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  3. DaRider

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    Looks nice. Have fun!:D
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    Thanks DaRider on a follow up on the bike the bike started missing and just running bad on a ride this afternoon got back to the house got the tank off it i had an idea that the guy i got it off had not cleaned out the tank very well from the old fuel that was in it ,,, "I was right!!! so drained the carbs and tank put some 98% fuel in it and it run a bit better but its now down my local bike shop to have the tank and carbs really cleaned "cost around $350 oz and they are putting another front tyre on the guy gave me as well so hopefully on Friday when i get it back it should be up to its supposed 100 HP its only got 52500 KM on the clock so thats a good point for it, i did get lucky on this buy just hope that bad fuel and dirty carbs is all thats wrong with it. ;)
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    Okay the pit falls of buying a cheap bike .. no mater how good it looks
    Got the bike back from the local bike shop Friday afternoon was told that the Carbs were really gunked up the bike but all good now, the bike had been sitting in a shed for the better part of 3 years the guy i got it off said he had cleaned the fuel tank and carbs ..all 4. And it did run good for the few km i did on it.
    Leaving the bike shop i give the bike a bit in 2 gear and on hitting 7000 rpm started to bog same 3 so on turned around went back to the bike shop and said what the f...k its still running like sh.t. Answer take it for a good run and run a full tank of good fuel though it and will be all good, And i am thinking to myself i have heard this crap before but.. $ 420 oz and still not running right i am a bit pissed off but anyway next morning get up nice day blue sky off i go went for a 4 hour ride bike runs nice under 6000 to 8000 rpm anything over that its bogging mind you it still dos 160 km+ at 8000rpm in 6th gear.
    Anyway i stopped at the pub in Dayboro its a stop most bike riders stop at and there were 2 other yzf600r bikes there got talking to them and they went for a ride on mine they both said the cabs are not clean and i am thinking $420....... why ???? anyway they said its not hard to do yourself and in doing so you will find out just how good a job my local mechanic did on them or in fact if he even managed to get all the jets out it will not be hard to tell if in fact he did when i strip down.
    and told me of YZF600R Forums this is a page that just about everything on it http://www.yzf600r.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=40547 but anyway there a dam good link to a youtube 3 all told that show you step by step hope to do next weekend i know how to do 2 stroke cabs no worrys but i was worried about doing the fuel injected cabs but after seeing how its done i will give it a go if i do stuff it up its just a trip down to Yamaha to get what i need.

    its a Kawasaki Ninja 650 i think he is working on but most cabs are the same more or less.

    Carb Cleaning
    Carb Cleaning - motorcycle generic vids on youtube:

  6. DaRider

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    Well, i hope you get it up n' running soon. Have fun then...:)

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