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Discussion in 'New Members' started by Jay Hardy, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. Jay Hardy

    Jay Hardy Member

    Greetings! I have been in Thailand for 3 years, mostly retired, but do occasional work elsewhere. Purchased an older TRX850 from a guy in Chiang Mai a few years ago. Got one good day on it, then all his bad work and misrepresentations showed up. It really is a good bike, but owned by a non-mechanical person in a country that has no spare parts. Lessons learned.
    We split time between Pathum and Chanthaburi. WE have land for fruit trees and a new home project to begin early next year...if the rain gives us a chance.
    We have spent time traveling all over Thai, Laos, Cambo, Malay and Singapore working and playing. When the new shop is up, we will finish the TRX and the Nissan and further our adventures.
    We look forward to meeting you somewhere along the way.
    I do already have a GT-Riders map! Great stuff! -Jay
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  3. GTR-Admin

    GTR-Admin Ben Kemp Staff Member

    Hi Jay - welcome aboard, and we look forward to hearing about your adventures on the TRX when you have it running reliably. Spare parts can be an issue, but Ebay can be a life-saver and USPS shipping is relatively inexpensive. Parts may also be available quickly from Singapore bike shop. Many members here have experienced the "joy" of older bikes, and the challenges of maintenance. :)
  4. Jay Hardy

    Jay Hardy Member

    Thanks David! I have found many spares from a few friend in Melbourne. Oz has a decent TRX following. I have acquired most of what I needed...Lectron carbs, Ignitech programmable ignition, complete new wiring harness, much new fibreglass and carbon pieces. About the only part not yet purchased is a new fuel tap, but can get one easy here. Fun project!
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  5. P Duffy

    P Duffy Big Pete

    Hi all,
    I just join a few days ago , I have been coming to Thailand for 6 yrs , on the first visit to Chiang Mai (2wks) , I met a few people who I enjoyed their company, in a cafe which allowed for tourist watching !!!! Chiang Mai appealed to me more then other places .. much quieter not a beach man ... live 1.5 km from one in Oz ... go every 3-5 years ...
    On the 3rd trip (3mts) I found myself wanting to ride to roads here , as i had a very bad m/bike accident in 1980 , i had not returned to bike riding ,... so anyhow , I hired a cruiser due to right lower prosthetic leg re: back brake , well , these cruisers are old and not in good order!!! .
    So the next year (6mts) I brought a old cruiser ... which had problems but still allowed me to ride different places at my desire , when the bike was going !! ...so the guys back in Aussieland keep hassling me to buy one at home ..so went shopping and brought a 750 Shadow , well ..the fun began... on the roads where I came from ... were shit ...riding that was like a bucking horse ...
    So next year (from there on was 6mths CM here and 6 mths Oz, I brought a CB500X and had German Joe modify the brake up onto the left handle bar plus put a gear change up on the hwy pegs ...which i needed due to the limitation of my leg , bending for long periods of time cut off blood flow, well maybe not that bad but felt like ! .. by this time ...I was just getting my guts back.. no heart attacks half way thru a corner!!!
    This bike went really good , was so happy with it , i sold the cruiser back home and brought a 06 V-strom 650 from a guy same height and weight .. bike was set up good ... this was a great bike .. only put a line down for the back brake with a ATV left brake lever..handle cut off..have big fingers ..worked great with hwy pegs ...
    Back in CM ..the Honda at 43hp was too much gear changing, so found a 13 V-Strom and am in two Heavens !!
    My little story ...
  6. Jay Hardy

    Jay Hardy Member

    Greetings Pete! At our age, we likely all ride a bit "compromised". I had a few race track crashes in my day, but no big injuries...until I moved here. In the last three years, I have had two. Full hip replacement/broken wrist after hitting a soldier up in Pai, who wasn't looking before jumping in my path; and a shattered collar bone from hitting a dog...same thing. It ran out of a yard from behind a wall. Two Superman events! I still cannot fly. The helmet in my avatar was 4 days old when I had the first accident. Worth every bhat! Never lost consciousness, no neck issues. Full riding gear is he only way to go...

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