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  1. ray23

    ray23 Ol'Timer

    Just trying to see if I can get descriptions added on photo bucket and have them appear with the photo:


    Nope didn't work works on e-mail but not this. I guess I have to use the other method hard to read though.


    The Culprit note the nice sweater cared enough about him to keep him warm but not enough to kep him off the highway.

    Well looks to me like the last two are the best way, pain in the rear though

    Oh well wiht the accident I got time
    The result a very expensive ride But minor injuries, the difference of high speed, slow speeds and the proper equipement

    Well I just found yuo can copy and post from one forum to another.

    I tried Johns working in word must have done something wrong, oh well this is good enough
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  3. johngooding

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    Hi Ray,
    I wish you a quick recovery, great to see you making the best of it and still smiling.

    The only reason I work in Word first is that I can keep it all safe, and also file it away easily in case I want to post somewhere else or send someone else a copy. It avoids me losing anything if my Internet connection goes down.

    All I do is write my full report in Word, Insert my img links in the right places and save it. Then with the document open click left mouse key somewhere in the text to make an insertion point and just do Ctrl + A, which highlights all the text (hold down both keys at the same time) then Ctrl +C to copy the whole thing to the clipboard memory.
    Then open a post a reply window in GT RIDER click once in the reply window, and pressing Ctrl + V will paste all your highlighted text and img refs into the window.
    As I expect you know you can also press your right hand mouse key to give you a menu with copy and paste options, if you do not like the Ctrl key route. You can then post in as may forums as you want by just pasting because what you have copied stays on your computer to paste anywhere you want until you close the computer or copy something new which replaces it.

    I hope I have not completely confused you, but it sounds as it you have a bit of time to practice, but I hope not too much. Cheers John
  4. ray23

    ray23 Ol'Timer

    Thanks John Turns out yuo can do the same thing except protection using preview. Not to difficult if the computer doesn't crash :lol:

    Yep think I will be catching up on ride reports. Got a lot to work with so I won't go nuts you guys might though :lol:
  5. beattheswiss

    beattheswiss Ol'Timer

    Hey Ray! Sorry to hear of your mishap, right in the midst of the cool season no less! :roll:

    I wish you both a very speed recovery and hope to see your next trip reports on here soon!

    What happened to the bike, is everything ok?
  6. ray23

    ray23 Ol'Timer

    Primarily cosmetic, but it will be weeks befre I haev back the way I want it. Probably going to be able to ride in between the paint and chrome work will take the longest.

    Might end up taking the pickup to Khon Kean and Udon Bike weeks. But, hey that about visiting with friends anyway.

    Actually I ride about the same in off season just not as comfortable,

  7. beattheswiss

    beattheswiss Ol'Timer

    Ray, what happened? How serious are your wife's injuries?

    Did you run right over the besweatered canine or did he simply make you swerve hard enough that you lost control? He looks so dead, is he?
  8. ray23

    ray23 Ol'Timer

  9. beattheswiss

    beattheswiss Ol'Timer

    OIC Ray - sorry I hadn't read your report yet! Glad to hear that your wife is ok and you have not suffered more serious injuries. Yet your sprained ankle is a painful affair that'll remind you of this trip for quite some time. I really hope you'll be good to go to the Udon bike week. These crutches have to be gone by then!

    Get well soon, Ray and wifey!
  10. ray23

    ray23 Ol'Timer

    I'll be there even if i have to take the pickup :oops:

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