Just realized retirement Visa expires on 3rd

Oct 17, 2006
here I am , now again in Chiang Mai, resident of Phuket. Wont be home before the 3rd.
What to do ? Drive / fly to Lao for 3 mos extension?

Where is the world famous kafe ??? When is the best time to find like minded folks there ??
Mar 15, 2003
If you go to Chiang Mai Immigration (near the airport) I believe they can extend your visa for a short period of time (not sure how long). CM Immigration are usually pretty friendly and helpful, but busy. Check there first before doing anything drastic.

The Kafe is on the inside of the moat on Moon Muang Rd, Half kilometer before the N.E. corner of the moat. 7PM to 9:30PM is usually a good time to catch GT-Riders there if they are in town. Set up a date and time here and someone will probably come meet you.
Oct 22, 2006
I would recommend that if you have a retirement visa you be very careful before letting it expire and getting another kind of visa. I have heard that if you let a retirement visa expire you may not be able to get it renewed or reissued later. That may not in fact be the case, but if it is, you could be buying yourself a big problem. Also, I suggest you might want to look at Thaivisa, which has a forum dedicated to immigration and visa issues.



If you don't have any joy at CM Immigration, why not book your bike in somewhere for the belt replacement and take advantage of the downtime by getting one of the "visa run" buses to Mae Sai where you can easily get another 90 days?

Also, will be in the Kafe friday after about 8:30 with Marcus and prob a few others if you are in town.

Oct 17, 2006
went to immigration today, friendly, answers=
only 7 day extention possible,
yes Chiang Mai can do it for residents of other provinces,
interesting, while Phuket demands proof of residence by the landlord, CM, has no such requirement,
tourist Visa not advisable . not sure I understood, but you seem to lose your retirement visa status.
Should be reobtainable.
Conclusion= I will hang around in the area , Pai or Soppong ,and wait for some fairy to replenish my depleted SIAM account with 800.000 b. Afterall even the EX Premier is superstitious, why not me ??