Kaki Bukit - Wang Prachan

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  1. Hi,

    When we were recently riding around northern Malaysia we saw what looked like an alternate route back to Thailand on the GPS.

    Kaki Bukit to Wang Prachan ( R15 / 4184). We didn't want to risk going here and having to turn back to Sadao and the super highway so didn't try it.


    Has any one crossed over this way back to Thailand? Assuming this will be easier than going the other way as we found out in Betong.. The Malaysian side really were not geared up for big bikes coming through touring via Betong.

    Just thought it would be a nice alternate way avoiding Sadao and the super highway and Hat Yai all together and enjoy the roads up the west coast of Thailand.

  2. Most Singaporeans and Malaysians riders heading to Krabi or Phuket would prefer to use this crossing. Small custom house, less traffic and save us almost 100km of journey
  3. Great to hear this.. Thanks..

    Will check it out next trip :)


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