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  1. A top coffee shop

    Sing Farm Coffee



    a cute aircon coffee shop.
    Run by a Lisu guy from Doi Chang in Chiang Rai.
    He grows his own coffee on Doi Chang.
    What's he doing in Kalasin?
    He has a Kalasin wife he met while studying at Mae Cho university in Chiang Mai.
    An educated guy. You get a decent conversation on growing coffee in Doi Chang & living in Kalasin. It's a good story.





    Location downtown, next to the city pillar

    The city pillar is on a corner & directly across the street is a good kow man gai, chicken ricen shop.


    Both worth checking out if you're hungry & in need of a nice cup of coffee to start the day.

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  2. The top pub & restaurant in Kalasn(?)
    Tum Home

    A smart open air establishment.
    Excellent service.
    Reasonable food = it didnt quite match up to what we expected for the suroundings.

    Nice music at a sensible volume levk, such that you could still donduct a conversation.


    Of note was the solo male singer guitarist who played first.
    He had an incredible voice, switching between male & female voices throughout some of his songs. An amazing performance. Sory no photos.

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  3. A coffee shop
    GTR- IMG_0461.JPG

    Hug A Mug, because the Sing Farm was closed.
    GTR- IMG_0462.JPG
    Just a few hundred metres from the Supak Hotel.

    This place is quite good. Spacious, aircon & clean.

    GTR- IMG_0463.JPG

    Lots of different types of seating for however you want to partake your coffee.

    GTR- IMG_0464.JPG

    GTR- IMG_0465.JPG

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