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    I often travel between Hua Hin and Lopburi and skirt Bangkok by going through Kanchanaburi. Found a good restaurant for breakfast called the "Crows Nest". They open at 7:00am if you want an early start and do good western breakfasts as well as crepes and some other food.

    Location: 14.03369, 99.52020
    Look for the blue "Sugar Cane" guesthouse sign. It's in between an Aussy bar and a British bar called "Betty Boo Pub".

    IMG_1346 copy.JPG
    IMG_1348 copy.JPG
    IMG_1345 copy.JPG
    Good value for 99 Baht. They also have a larger version for 160 Baht
    IMG_1347 copy.JPG
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  2. That breakfast looks a winner...
  3. That does look good. I know where Ill be having breakfast in a few weeks.
  4. And the price is right! Making me hungry...
  5. I will go next time I normally go the British sports bar if I fancy a full english ,but this is worth a try
  6. Stopped in at the Crows Nest for breakfast last Saturday. Would seem the management has changed. Food still ok but not as good as before. Prices seem to be the same. British bar beside was full of drunk Brits carrying on loud and obnoxious at 9:00am in the morning. This is Thailand I guess. Time to find the next place for breakfast...
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  7. Never mind that kind of breakfast ... I'm European ... and vegetarian ...

    But stop just driving through Kanchanaburi. All around the lakes there are fairytale roads with NO TRAFFIC*

    *unheard of in Thailand

    tomorrow I might downsize a few pictures I took last year and post them here

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