Kasi - Muang Nan road condition

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  1. G'day All,

    Chris Corbett just passed over this way in the last couple of days.


    He took these pics of the current conditions of the road.

    (Pictures used with permission)




    Chris said vehicles are still using the road.. But the rest of the road could slide away at any time.

    As you get closer to the top.. The road is sagging and getting ready to slide.

    Quote " That road has some real problems "

    If you are planning a trip any time soon.. Beware.. You may need to go up the old way via route 13 to Luang Prabang.

    Chris's Blog is here for those that would like to see more of his rides and trips down the Ho Chi Minh Trial.




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  2. Thanks Chris and Brian for the update.

    Quote ” That road has some real problems. ”

    Looking at those photos Id say it would be one hell of a ride at the moment.

  3. The Muang Nan - Kasi shot cut road is an amazing ride with some of the most beautiful scenery in northern Laos.

    Here's how it looked on 2 January2016

    Heading up onto the plateau from the north - Muang Nan end.

    GTR-IMG_0923. Muang Nan - Kasi


    Up on the plateau,


    where I think Steve Canyon's landslide pics were taken. Look closely in the background, where the two boys are & this should be the spot.


    A kms or so further on & you reach the ridge line before that amazing descent.


    there are enough signs around to get your attention & stay alert to watch the road ahead.




    Here's how the elevation profile of the short cut looks

  4. After the ridgeline you cross over & a couple of kms is that huge landslide that they  are forever repairing GTR-IMG_0940.

    If there's been no heavy rain around then you are in luck.


    but if it's wet then you could always be in for a few hundred metres of steep greasy snot.

    You just never know until the day. But that's part of the adventure & why we ride.



  5. The short cut shaves about 100 kms - 1.5 - 2 hours of the old road Vientiane - Luang Prabang.

    Here's how it all looks going from Luang Prabang south to Vientiane.


    I left Luang Prabang at 10am & arrived in downtown Vientiane, at the Ekalath hotel at 4.10PM.


    Only the old Vang Vieng - Vientiane road still sucks, it's been under repair for several years & is never finished.

    Whilst I think there is less dirt, the broken asphalt & potholes seems be getting worse - because of the heavier traffic,  that is increasing all the time.

    The last 50 kms into Vientiane always suck, especially if it coincides with school coming out or peak hour.


    154 kms = 2 hrs 45 minutes!

    Your best bet really is to break the journey with a night in Vang Vieng.
  6. After the ride along the Mekong from Luang Prabang to Muang Nan.

    Thought I would go and check out the Kasi bypass. Hopefully not too cloudy up there this time year and not wet like previous rides.. as the road is slippery like ice when wet.

    This little beauty is right on a bend and steep part of the road.

    You can see the entire lane has fallen away.




    Get to the top and ride on the dirt.. There is a maintenance area at the top before you start the decent down to Kasi.


    The mighty KLX is popular with some passing local tourists.


    This view point is pretty new.. Before you had to stop on the edge of the road which didn't feel very comfortable with the traffic and steep road.



    Now for a look to the left at the view point.

    You can see how the mountain is continually falling away and there is a large chunk of mountain waiting for the next rainy season.


    It is really rough in here. There are two gravel lanes. Quite wide apart and pile of rubble in between.. Assume the wider lane was created during previous landslides for when the inner road is blocked the traffic reverts to the outer track over the widened road from the previous landslides.


    Get your crash helmet on ;-)


    Pretty sure this road would be closed back home in this section until the pending landslide is gone and the road stabilised.

    Time to head back to Luang Prabang and take in the views from the other direction



    A nice day ride out of LPQ 230 km by the time I made it back

  7. Here is a short clip..

    The video gives some perspective to the issues with the road up there as well as the landslide issues.


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  8. To reconfirm the very dangerous nature of this road & the steeepness of the descent into Kasi


    On the 21st February there was a horrific bus accident on the descent into Kasi.
    A tour bus wiped out a mini bus.

    12767728_1737755623128111_1354363841_n. Bus accident Muang Nan - Kasi road.

    Some info in Lao + (graphic) images here

  9. The bypass road finally collapsed from rain associated with Tropical Storm Talas

    Tropical Storm Talas (2017) - Wikipedia

    Here's a vdo from facebook of Pakaad

    However on on 19th July it looks like they've cut a narrow track around it

    good luck if you are going that way.
    Try to check the conditions before you head off.
    take the old R13 road from Kasi - Phou Khoun - Kiu Kacham - Luang Prabang.
  10. The road is now cut / closed

    Northern road cut by landslides

    The road from Kasy district in Vientiane province to Nan district in Luang Prabang province is currently cut by numerous landslides following recent heavy rainfall, authorities have reported.

    Authorities said the road was cut on Tuesday night at about 7:45pm after heavy rain lashed the province since Friday last week.

    Many motorists and tourists on the route needed a ride back to find somewhere to stay in Kasy district town guesthouses.

    Officials urged the public to use caution when travelling in the area as poor road conditions may contribute to accidents.

    Vientiane provincial authorities assigned officials to survey the collapsed road before preparing to repair the section.

    Workers were scheduled to start their repairs this week but have found it difficult because of the weather, authorities reported.

    At the moment, it is not easy for workers on the road because it is still raining. If there is no more rain the road may be reopened in the near future.

    Road users and tourists can use an alternative route, Road No. 13 North via Phoukhoun to the northern provinces, authorities advised.

    As of yesterday, the road from Kham to Phonsavanh district in Xieng Khuang province was also cut by flooding after heavy downpours, provincial authorities reported.

    In Xieng Khuang the flash flooding inundated Road No. 7 in Paek district. Residents have been resorting to heavy vehicles to cross the flooded route.

    Most of the swamped farmlands and households are in Yuanthong village of Paek district.

    Heavy rainfall over several hours yesterday caused flood waters to inundate private and state property and cut off key roads in the province.

    Some roads linking the northern districts are now difficult to travel on but passable while other routes have been completely cut off by landslides, authorities reported.

    Motorists travelling to the northern provinces have been advised not to use the Kasy to Nan road and go via other routes, officials warned.​

    Source: Vientiane Times. (Latest Update July 20, 2017)
  11. Wow.... road gone.........

    Must be landslides all around the region.

    Bad flooding up in India and Nepal too, apparently.

    Kok river in Chiang Rai now at it's highest point for 8 years.
  12. Here the latest update as published in the Vientiane Times; it seems that Road 4C remains a stretch of trouble - more so for the 4x4s like me - but read for yourself :cool:

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  13. Here it is

    No plans yet for repair of Kasy-Nan road after landslides

    The road between Kasy district in Vientiane province and Nan district in Luang Prabang province is likely to remain in poor condition in the wake of several landslides, as local authorities still haven’t made plans for repairs.

    Director of the Public Works and Transport Department in Vientiane province, Mr. Soumontha Somchanmavong, told Vientiane Times last week there are no plans to repair the road because it’s a difficult area to work on.

    “This section of road, which runs for 68km between the two districts, is mountainous and frequently affected by landslides in the rainy season. But we have arranged for excavators to be on standby in case the road becomes impassable,” he said.

    We have to discuss ways to repair the road with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport,” Mr. Soumontha said.

    In the meantime, the department is warning heavy trucks and vehicles with two-wheel drive transmission not to use this road.

    People travelling from Vientiane to Luang Prabang are advised not to use the road unless they have a four-wheel-drive vehicle. However, in the reverse direction from Luang Prabang to Vientiane, motorists in two-wheel-drive vehicles should be able to get through.

    This section of Road No. 4C is not only mountainous but also has many bends, so motorists should take great care, especially in wet conditions.

    Officials urge the public to use caution when travelling in the area as poor road conditions can lead to accidents.

    A safer route to the Northern provinces is Road No. 13 North via Phoukhoun, authorities advised.


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