Kasi- Muang Nan road delay

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  1. http://www.bangkokpost.com/breakingnews/348867/asphalt-shortage-delays-shorter-road-to-luang-prabang

    New Luang Prabang road hits a bump

    Never let the facts get in the way of a food story: The old capital is 300 kilometres by Road 13 from Vientiane. The trip normally takes about four hours. So if we could halve the travel time = 2 hrs Vte - Luang Prabang??
  2. Finally officially complete


    17 JUly 2015

    (KPL) A 68-km stretch of road running between National Roads No. 4 and No. 13 North was handed over from the contractor to the Ministry of National Defense last week.

    The road stretch lies between the districts of Kasi in Vientiane Province and Nan of Luang Prabang Province.

    The handover took place between the Deputy Director of the Integrated Triangle Development Company, Mr Oudone Thipvisay, and the Deputy Minister of National Defence Maj. Gen. Souvone Leuangbounmy, in the presence of relevant officials from the Ministry of Public Works and Transportand local authorities.

    The road upgrade project, which cost over US$28 million, was a priority project of the government, according to Mr Oudone.

    “This road will facilitate socio-economic development in the province and the transport of goods between Vientiane Province and Luang Prabang Province as well as to and from other northern provinces,” said Maj. Gen. Souvone.

    Major General Souvone urged relevant officials and local people to take part in maintaining and managing the road to ensure its efficient use.

    “This road will be handed over to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport for management,” added Maj. Gen. Souvone.

    November 2013


    And the final section of road construction & famous landslide spot November 2013



    Plus that magic treacherous big bend & descent


    Check it out sometime - what a ride.

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