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  1. After spending quite some time on the Kwaka stand at the motorshow, today decided to visit their head office showroom, here in Bangkok.

    The staff there were really friendly and helpful. I spent about an hour there chatting (or boring), the young lady there. They plied me with capachino's, gave me a free gift, (another baseball cap), and I was even sitting behind the desk showing them my report on the GT Rider Site, but unfortunately no pictures came up, so had to sign into Photobucket to show/bore them with my fotos.

    Well, enough of all this bullshit, the facts......

    The KLX 250's will be arriving in August, 170,000 baht
    Registration extra but is only about 600 baht. (yes 600)

    The KLX 140's will be arriving in July, 75,000 baht (have put 1 on hold)
    You cannot get these bikes regestered, (through Kawasaki that is), and only for the local market, you are not allowed to export these.

    The GTR 1400's will be arriving in August, 800,000 baht
    2 year unlimited warranty.

    The Vulcan 900, Custom (black) and Classic (black) available now, 460,000 baht
    If you want a blue Custom, 3 months wait.

    Farang's can get hire purchase, even without a work permit.
    At the Motor Show interest rate was 4.50%, now it is 5.00%

    They offered me a test ride, which I will do on when I return in 10 days time.
  2. sounds great especially the trailie bikes
  3. Great news about the KLX 250. I took a good look at it at the bike show in Bangkok. That`s the same price and date as the Kawi rep. told me. He did tell me also that after local dealers [mechanics] are trained they will be able to sell them too.
    How do you feel about the fuel injection system they have used? I think Thailand is the only market with it on the KLX 250. Looking forward to a test report when you get it, please.
  4. Thanks for the info TJ. Look like very good prices.

    Can you or anyone give any contact details and address for the shop please?
  5. Thanks TJ for this update. KLX250 sounds interesting as a 2nd CNX bike, price is low too !! Cheers, Franz
  6. The girl I spoke to at Kawasaki....

    She speaks good English

    Khun Pan ..... Mobile: 081 843 0259

    Shop: 02 247 7935

    129 Rama 9 Road

    5 minutes walk from Rama 9 tube station
  7. Good Work TJ :D Can't Wait for their Release, We could end up with a Kawasaki Chapter of GT-Riders :wink: Well done.
  8. Just for your interest, the 08KLX250S retails here in Australia for about THB200,000 plus another 30,000 for registration...

    For a country like Thailand where bikes are usually more than 25% MORE than Australia, they seem like a real bargain...

    The KLR650 retails here for about THB240,000... If they can get that on the road in Thailand for THB205,000, I don't think the factory would be able to keep up with demand...

  9. I suspect the reason its reasonable in pricing is Thailand has just scrapped the taxation on sub 250cc bikes..

    Quite a few people keen to see if the CBF250 nighthawk makes Thailand for about 80k baht on road..
  10. Not only will we see lower prices with </= 250cc bikes, FTA with Japan also enabled some of us to get Yamahas for a good price already, just came back from Austria, FJR is more expensive there as taxes are higher, a thumbs up for Thailand; we're heading in the right direction.
  11. Glad to be of service Mr Ambasador

    Will get an update for you when I am back in their shop in about 10 days time.

    They gave me a colour brochure showing quite a few models, so will see if all in brochure are for sale. (Alas no 650's guys)
  12. well her english isnt that good , i called her yerterday as wanted a price on a KX250 two stroke motocross bike i text her the info and she called me straight back but , i could not get the KX part through to her she just kept saying have have you want KLX :? :? :?
    at least she was trying but i gave up and hung up the phone after 5 min
    if anyone can get a 2008 two stroke 250 mx bike please let me know
  13. Shanes is the bike you want fuel injected, as I believe only FI bikes will be allowed to be registered soon in Thailand

    I am back in their shop in about 10 days time, if you want to email me with exact details of what you are after, am happy to ask her when I am in shop again
  14. thanks for that i am looking for one of these
    2007 Kawasaki KX250 Picture & Specs
    Call 1-800-556-3098 for special discount pricing!
    2007 Kawasaki KX250
    2007 Kawasaki KX250 Specifications:

    Engine: Two-stroke single with KIPS®
    Displacement: 249cc
    Bore x stroke: 66.4 x 72.0mm
    Cooling: Liquid
    Carburetion: Keihin PWK38S with Power Jet
    Induction: Piston reed valve

    or a 2008 YZ 250

    Type 249cc liquid-cooled 2-stroke; reed-valve inducted
    Bore x Stroke 66.4 x 72.0mm
    Compression Ratio 9.2 – 10.9:1
    Carburetion PWK38S X 1
    Ignition CDI
    Transmission Constant-mesh 5-speed; multiplate wet clutch
    Final Drive Chain Drive
  15. Johno, you've spent too much time chatting up that sales lady at the Kawasaki BKK showroom, as it seems her incomprehension of the fact that Shane is inquiring after a KX and not a KLX has rubbed off on you. (I can imagine you probably wished that she rubbed something else off on you, don't you? ;-)

    As Shane mentioned in his first post, he asked the lady for a price on a KX250 2-stroke mx bike. Firstly, 2-stroke engines do not (yet) come with fuel injection (although rumours suggest KTM is working on it). And secondly, mx bikes can't be registered (even if they would have FI) as they lack a certificate of conformity or compliance as they are sold for track use only, without lights, indicators, horn and all the other paraphernalia that road-legal bikes require.

    Shane, as far as Kawasaki Thailand's new 'big bike' on-line catalog is concerned, the list of models currently offered does not feature any mx bikes:

    But if enough people show interest, Kawasaki might start importing their mx models. Let's touch wood. But don't hold your breath...

    Off topic, does anyone know where in Thailand I can buy a new PW50 for my little boy? Because here in CNX no one seems to have an answer.
    I find it odd that the Yamaha big bike dealer in Chiang Mai is being hailed for pulling out all stops when organizing social events like the Doi Inthanon sunday ride, but fails to respond to a customer's email who wants to order a bike. I also emailed Yamaha's national sales manager, but to no avail. I even wrote him I'm interested in buying a new WR250R for the wife but no response. Guess they're not too interested in selling bikes...
  16. i have a peewee 50 here that my daughter rides , if you want one i can order then from OS , but they come in without paperwork
  17. Thanks for the info TJ.

    Look forward to your update.
  18. Wow, the list is growing of guys interested in new Kwaka Bikes.

    Should have another member come along for some morale support, on my next visit and we will see if we can at least hijack their capuchino machine.....
  19. I called into the big Kawasaki shop in BKK yesterday, which had one KLX250 and two D-Tracker's parked out the front. Thinking to myself "at last" I walked into the flash showroom were the only thing shinier than the bikes was the salesman's teeth.
    I asked about the KLX and was directed to the 'Kawasaki queen' behind the counter, who told me they would be for sale in September maybe.
    I said the dealer in Chiang Mai told me July, she said, and I quote "yes maybe July in several months around September". Boy what an each way bet. Again "maybe".
    So then I asked about the ER-6n which I was told in CM would also be available in July, she said maybe....yes maybe again, next year.
    The Queen and the guys are really nice and friendly, and they do seem to want to help, so I'm sure they getting feed bull#hit themselves.

    Looks like maybe September.....maybe.

    So I left the shop with the shinny bikes of chrome disappointed,...... but knowing to well, the shinny chrome poles of soi cowboy would cheer me up.

  20. Someone suggested I check out this thread, they were right that Vulcan would fit fine for my needs I'll wait on the blue :lol:

    Anyone know what the book cost is?

    I think it was on the other thread but I'm old :oops:
  21. Farang's can get hire purchase, even without a work permit.
    At the Motor Show interest rate was 4.50%, now it is 5.00%

    Ok time to teach me english again does that mean they can be financed at 5%, if so did they mention anything about down payment?
  22. Ray, if I remember right at their website it says that the published price includes registration. Farang without W.P might need a Thai Guarantor, but that I'm not sure, anyway you will need one if you don't do a downpayment of >/= 30%, depending on their regulations. I bought the FJR on a leasing basis, had to make a payment of 40%, as required by Yamaha's financing company BAF but didn't need guarantor.
    Good luck, FR
  23. Hi Ray

    have paperwork listing repayment options at my home

    currently on Koh Samui for a week, will post payment form/details next week
  24. Thanks I will watch for it
  25. Post deleted as it turned out to be superfluous. Ray, I was going to suugest that you contact TJ.

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