Kawasaki Big Bikes in Udon

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  1. Finally new bikes in Udon,

    Yong Yontrakarn Co Ltd

    It's located across from Ratacahbat University not far from the Circle


    He currently has the following bikes in stock.

    250 D ttraker price 149,900

    The Klx same Price

    Nijna 250 R 144,900

    No 900 Vulcans in stock he can deliver in a week. Unforntunatley no financing available

    These are new bikes with good books

    He is builidng a new service center adn will haev the proper equipment adn trained Mechanics to take care of them,. I donlt know him but his brothre owns PP motors and they are good people so I hoping he will be the same or I woudln't post this
  2. That's where I got my KLX a couple of months back. He has it right now doing my scheduled maintenance. Very happy with this shop so far; seem to be straight shooter and takes interest in his customers needs. Has for me so far; which says alot.
  3. Good to know guys I have lots of experience with his brothre from PP seems to run in the family. Just good people. They used to really baby us when we went on the Honda Safety rides with them. Even offered to give us their cabin up there so I wouldn;t have to sleep in a tent. Just good people and and take care of thier customers . I felt good about this guy in our conversation. Thanks for the input. I plan on getting the Vulcan next year. I would like to buy it from him, but I will have to finance. If I can figure out a way I will buy from him. If not I will have to buy from one of the dealers that is sit up, for it.

    But it's good to know the proper service is available

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